Monday, January 24, 2011

bits and pieces...

oh my goodness...has it really been almost a month since i blogged.

i've had the best of intentions...really...i have. but rather than blogging i've spent my time trying to keep up with a certain (oh so rapidly growing) 17 months-today old....and her sisters. and, oh my, jilly is a handful to keep up with these days...she can climb on ANYTHING...and she likes to stand...also on ANYTHING. among her favorite things would be shoes...especially shoes that don't belong to her...i think elizabeth's brown boots are her favorite, but mommy and daddy's tennis shoes come in as a close second. in the past two months she has gained four molars, two "eye" teeth, and is working on two more. her hair has officially grown long enough for a "fountain" ponytail atop her head...and i might be biased, but i think its pretty darned cute.

sorry for the blur of all the photos, they all were taken on my iPod...i seriously don't think i've pulled the camera out in the last 2 or 3 weeks...hence the complete lack of photos as well. i said above, jilly's sisters are keeping me on my toes too...lots of game playing, lots of conflict resolution training--they sure do love each other, and honestly, some moments they play together in the most amazing and creative and loving ways...but, oh my, watch out when the arguments come...they are fierce and intense (i suppose i shouldn't be surprised). and yet, as much as each new age and stage brings new trials and struggles, i absolutely love their current ages. they are super into telling jokes right now...especially knock-knock ones...nonsensical...of course. and kate's personality continues to bloom...hilarious voices and comments...and questions...she has been the one to ask the most about how baby's are made, how the baby will get out of my tummy (her will just "crack" my belly in half). both girls are already absolutely smitten and in love with "the baby brother" (nope...they aren't privy to his name either)...although mike and i have officially decided on a name. they love to pray for him at night, talk about how they will help when he comes, and on and on. a couple weekends ago my cousin and his girlfriend came over for lunch while my mom and grandma were in town, and, well, to put it mildly the girls were obsessed! they clung to "uncle" mike and miss heather...who happily obliged their requests for games and lap-sitting and swinging upside down.

i was blessed that same weekend with a cloth diaper/baby boy shower...which was oh so fun! my friend carrie not only opened her home, cooked yummy food, planned a few fun games, etc. but also made the cutest lion cupcakes EVER (sorry they are sideways!)...all while caring for her 3 month old and 19 month old. what a blessing to spend the afternoon with amazing friends and family...and a complete bonus to be blessed with lots of cloth diaps, TONS of blue--hand-knitted blankies and booties, super soft snuggly blankies, clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes, incredibly crafty and sweet presents...including shirts for each kiddo depicting her/his "animal"--i promise a picture soon, a sweet sweet onesie with the words "elizabeth, kate, and jillian's little brother", a handmade fabric "highchair" and carseat canopy...and and get the idea. i mean, seriously, i was overwhelmed by the generosity of the beautiful friends in my life.

and those three girls aren't the only ones keeping me on my toes. this baby boy is already giving me a run for my money...i still have 3-5 weeks to go, but seriously, some moments i think he is just going to come NOW...he is a mover and a squirmer, and right now i am "all baby"....i've hit the "nesting" phase, however, finding the energy to accomplish those "nesty" desires is a bit of a challenge. :) today i made massive progress...the big girls were at school and jilly took a nice long morning nap, so i was able to vacuum and mop, clean up the kitchen, and oh so many "little" odds and ends around the house...but best of all, i did some cleaning up in the van and managed to get three carseats across the backseat of the van. we've been on a quest for just the right booster/carseat combo to make this possible (we could do it before but getting to the buckles was quite challenging)...look at my victory! since only one of the girls can proficiently buckle herself and tighten the belt well at this point, having room to get to the backseat for buckling will be oh-so-fabulously helpful! (if they are all three in the back i can leave one seat in the middle row folded down for easier backseat access). here they are after school pick-up this afternoon...yes, kate is "finishing" her lunch...complete with a sandwich crust smile. elizabeth and kate don't like eating crusts...however, on the way home they "shared" their leftover crusts with jillian...who prefers to eat just the crusts...its a nice arrangement. :)

i seriously could just keep on blogging...there is so much to say...i could tell you about the new washer and dryer we were blessed with...brand new...for a super, incredible, can't really believe it bargain. we have sweet and amazing friends. even better i could tell you that i have yet to do a load of laundry in the washing machine (cloth diapers included!) even though we've had it for over a week. no, that does not mean i am behind on laundry, rather it means that my husband is beyond incredible. a few weeks ago he decided to take over laundry for the time being...his desire being simply to bless me. wow! i'm still folding (with his help) and putting it away, but amazing is he! pretty stinkin' amazing!

i could tell you about the crazy insane snow we've had...seriously, it just keeps coming...and typically right around morning rush hour. we've had cancelled MOPS meetings, cancelled school days, and lots of stir crazies...mostly because it has even been too frigidly cold to go outside. but it is pretty...

i could tell you about my volunteer time in libs and katers classroom...entertaining, exhausting...preschool teachers amaze me...really!

i could tell you about how our son is going to have the warmest head ever because i just can't stop knitting hats...especially this super cute earflap pattern i found...but if i told you about them i should probably post a photo, and i don't have one. so i won't...but i just did. :) photo to come later...i promise!

i could tell you about the nice evening we had hanging with friends last night...our many children occupied...she and i sharing and chatting about our pregnancies and soon to come fourth babes...the hubbies simply enjoying some guy time...eating pizza and too many sweets. it was a delightful change of when you can get together and do "nothing" but have it seem so refreshing.

but i will just leave you with one last "funny"....(and my apologies for how overly long this post is...but, after all, it has been almost a month...and who knows when i will blog again!). yesterday after church we hit costco...which isn't all that unusual. as we arrived we bumped into my dear friend jill and her boys e and b walking in. her hubby was still at church, so it was just her and the boys (e is almost 1 and b is almost 3). ironically our lists were almost identical...milk, clementines, cottage cheese, and a pineapple....and, of course, a hotdog for lunch afterward. b decided he wanted to walk with mike (who he kept calling "daddy")...and then ultimately he decided my cart was way cooler than jill's i had jilly in the seat, kate in the cart, elizabeth walking next to me, and b hanging on my cart, and my oh-so-obviously-pregnant belly. can i tell you about the looks i was getting....looks of amusement, looks of terror, looks of "don't you know what birth control is", looks of annoyance. it was really, really funny. and it only got funnier while we waited in line (carts full of "matching" items!)...b sticking with my cart...mike helping both jill and me...and all the kiddos...all of them who are of talking age calling him "daddy". we must have looked like the strangest family ever...polygamy anyone? and then we proceeded to sit down and take up two tables in the food court...our one big happy family. :)

and now i need to run...get jilly up from her really late nap, make some pancakes and puree some strawberries to top them with (with some whipped cream, of course!) for a pre-small group dinner...and then off we go to small group.

maybe just maybe i will make it back before another month passes by!