Monday, March 12, 2012

sunshine :)

hey y'all...i'm getting close to walking, but...

...crawling is soooo much cooler

...hanging with my ladies

peace out...i'm off

unless libbers runs me over....

or maybe jilly and the worm

the only thing better than a good sidewalk crawl is snuggling with my mama!

the belated party!

watching my cupcakes bake!

making animal "puppets" at the party

i enjoyed the singing....

but not the smoke from the candle...

truth be told luke didn't eat a bite of his cake...he was much more into goldfish!


all for me!? Thanks!

poppy taught me to carry pliers in my back pocket!

at home...playing with my loot

happy birthday luke! we love you!

cake smash!

a series of sweet pics of our precious one year old boy.
all images by McCardel Photography