Saturday, February 25, 2012


it is so hard to believe that a year ago at this very moment i was at a couples banquet for our MOPS ministry. i knew i was having contractions...though i did not suspect for one second that i was as far along labor-wise as i truly was...rather, i was expecting that at any given moment they would stop altogether. besides that, i was bound and determined to enjoy my Bravo meal and some good conversation with my hubby and friends before making any calls to my OB or trips to the hospital. hehe...i got to meet Luke...our 10 lb, 14 oz. "little" bundle just 3 hours later...after a beautiful, natural labor...

i cannot believe it has been a me, some of the days have been LONG...this four kids in less than six years is clearly not a walk in the park! but people are right when they say that the weeks and months and years go quickly.

52 weeks we are...singing "Happy Birthday" to our baby...

luke, you are so beloved. you are a treasure and a gift and a blessing. you have been so incredibly low-key and laid have smiled and giggled and charmed all of us. you have charmed nursery workers and the childcare workers at the Y...they rave over what a good baby you are. and, buddy, the Lord knew we needed low-key...He is good like that. you are all boy...i'm not even sure how i know that yet, but i do. it is amazing how different you are than your sisters, even at just a year old. you eat EVERYTHING in sight...seriously, EVERYTHING. and you move like lightning...and you are in to EVERYTHING...if the steps are left ungated for 10 seconds or the bathroom door open (yes, mugho's water and the toilet (EEK!)) for even 5 seconds, you are there in a flash; they are like the promised land to your little one year old heart.

your sisters argue over who gets to be near you. jillian was over the moon ecstatic the day you became her roommate...and she loves to proclaim to anyone who will listen that you are "MY lukey". and then there is kate...sweet kate who loves to pick you up and smother you with her energetic big sister love. she loves to help you and sit with you and pretty much just be with you. elizabeth loves to chat with you in the van and sing you songs...she was the champion of helping to feed you and nurture you. buddy, you have so many wanna-be mamas...but always remember that i am your mama...and i love you with a fierce love!

you love to love soft love to chatter--dada is your all time favorite right now, although you do bust out the mama quite love bathtime with your love frozen peas and feeding yourself whole have the most amazing blue eyes and the sweetest, most kissable love cruising around the house (and are quite adept at dodging all the obstacles your sisters--and you--leave laying on the floor), but not quite long to have just a few moments chewing on mommy or daddy's iPod or banging on the laptop've just recently discovered that trucks laugh more often....and cry oh so rarely.

luke, you have been a gift from the Lord from the moment your very surprised mommy and daddy found out you existed. oh what a wonderful surprise. i love you, my boy. i love you. i pray for your heart to grow to know and love the Lord...that you will serve Him all the days of your life.

mac-n-cheese birthday lunch

with cupcakes with chocolate frosting
and three lovely sisters as party guests

this candle thingy is cool

oh wait...i can EAT it!

licking my lips!


my tabby from grandma f.

and my first toolbench

what a fun, relaxing birthday celebration at home...the party comes in another couple of weeks, so this was just a warm-up ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

life through the lens of my iPod


a sad horse-rider...she wanted to ride by elizabeth ;)


little dinos

she eventually decided she liked the horse-ride...after a bit of crying

she loves her turban head :)


orange leaf and swimming at the Y with our sweet friends :)

jilly's cut :)

kate's cut

elizabeth's new do

night night! :)

homemade pizza night

its a petshop village...hand-me-downs :)

playing cars means "eating" cars

elizabeth's nifty knitter scarf

model magic!


BANANAS! he IS bananas for bananas...and a bit sticky too! :)

lettuce wraps and creamy ginger salad...a put the kids in bed early quiet dinner date :)

happy siblings :)