Thursday, June 9, 2011


here is a peek at our end of may family photo shoot at the much fun...and love how they captured personalities so perfectly. :) i just couldn't decide which ones to share...i had more i wanted to upload, but i think i reached a blogger limit. ha! anyway...enjoy...all images by McCardel Photography

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

lakin' it up :)

we spent the past weekend at the lake...and had a BLAST!

elizabeth was a brave swimmer the first day...even jumping off the end of the pier. then she got a bit gun-shy...but she still had lots of fun in the shallows and sand the next day or so. :)

jilly enjoyed herself!

luke's first boat ride

he may not have held the pole, but he was pretty thrilled about the fishing derby

they didn't have the longest attention span...but the girls did a decent job helping cast and reel in a few fish before they moved on to other pursuits. thanks to daddy and poppy's help kate did take first place in her division for the fishing derby!

mike and i celebrated our seventh anniversary...we got a nice evening out while grandmommy and poppy (and GG too) watched the kiddos

don't you always start your morning fishin' in your jammies!

while her sisters were off doing other things, jilly stole a chance on the big wheel

fishing sisters

workin' at the carwash...

more help!

they did a great job with the wheels...and you gotta love libbers wearing water wings while she washed!

the smiley-est baby boy...he seriously has turned into a smile machine the past week or so. (except for right now...poor dude figured out how to roll onto his back during naptime...and it really makes him unhappy...ugh!)

ready for a swim! :)

just a toe dipping :)

1-2-3 JUMP! kate became a jumping, swimming, water machine! seriously...LOVED it! she spent at least 5 hours in the water saturday...and another 3 or 4 on sunday...she called it "hippo jumps"...i think we created a monster...but oh did it make my heart rejoice to see her loving the water so much!

swim, swim, swim!

while kate jumped grandmommy painted libbers toenails...

and after lots of swimming and sunshine kater crashed out in the yard. :)

and here she is sliding off the end of the, so fun!

{memorial day}

a little late...but here are snapshots of our memorial day weekend.

we made a quick impromptu overnight to mike's parents...enjoyed visiting grandma and grandpa, did some exploring and running on their property, and played with uncle dennis's dog kaita who they were dog-sitting. :)

daddy and kater-girl :)


little girl...big world

mommy and kater-bug

when did kate get so big!?

the face of innocence

elizabeth joins us for a bit

daddy and his shadow...seriously, jilly is daddy's girl!

what a face!

love this shot of my girlies!


after our night and day with grandma and grandpa we had enjoyed a couple of with the lews at our house. think, next memorial day luke can join them...and there will be a baby lew! :)

here is smiley luke...after the cookout...

it was a warm enough weekend for lots of backyard swimming as well!

and just another smile...because you can never have too many! :)