Tuesday, September 4, 2012

little man gets a new "do" (aka...the first haircut post)

 so...in the past few weeks little man's hair has gone from sweetly long to sorta pouffy and big ;)...so, yes, it was time for a trim.  after getting some advice from friends with boys, i decided to tackle it myself with the trimmers (after all, what could be worse than my first experience cutting mike's hair...which was a disaster (including a 9-1-1 plea for help to a nearby guy friend who was a seasoned trimmer of his own hair--but i must admit, i think i've recovered from that alright, and he still trusts me to cut his...)

anyway....we strapped him in his booster...popped a dum-dum in his hands, queued up "WonderPets" on netflix, caped him with an art smock, and busted out the trimmer).  little man didn't shed a tear....well, until mike got out the handheld vac to clean up. ;)

 the befores
 he was definitely quite shaggy in the back :)

...and, drumroll, please....

 the afters...isn't he a handsome big boy?!

TMS orientation day :)