Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ten (okay...sixteen) smile tuesday...

i didn't intend to disappear from blog-land...we've had plenty of blog-worthy stuff going on. rather, i ended up taking a last minute (as in making the decision on saturday and leaving sunday after church) trip to the lake. the girls and i packed up the car and headed North...leaving mike to hold down the homestead (and get some much needed project and relaxation time!). we were able to coordinate with my mom and completely surprise my grandma when we showed up at my parent's house, and i'm so thankful for each and every hour we get to spend with her. what a privilege that my girls can know their great-grandma...how it fills my heart with joy to hear elizabeth talk about her GG (and, of course, so special that elizabeth so vividly remembers her Big Bapa as well!). i remember fondly the times i spent with my GG...visiting her in florida, anticipating her visits to indiana. squeezing orange juice from fresh oranges, riding her big three wheeler bike with my sister, learning to shuffle a deck of cards...such special memories. oh how i pray my girls are able to have these same memories of their GG!

but without further ado...here's what we're smiling about!

1. the chance to visit with mike's fam on saturday. aunt kim, uncle dave, grandma, and grandpa came to our house to hang out, and then we all went to a wedding together. though they don't get to see aunt kim and uncle dave very often, the girls warmed up quickly and had a wonderful time.

2. a "home date" with my hubby. mike picked up some dinner and a gorgeous, bright bouquet of flowers (sorry don't have a pic with me here at the lake!) at trader joe's, grabbed a redbox ("bella"...which was phenomenal!), we tucked the girls in an hour early...and voila...a cheap date and some great together time!

3. popsicles.

4. bubbles.

5. boat rides.

6. swimming...when we arrived on sunday elizabeth was so excited to play with her "tools" (her rake, shovel, and bucket) in the shallow water that she ended up with quite wet drawers. as for kate...well, she wanted to join her big sister...so she did some "skinny dipping"...while elizabeth swam in her undies. too cute!

7. canasta. those who have read for awhile saw this one coming and know that my mom and i have an intense rivalry going...the past couple lake trips have been quite hectic, so its been nice to have a chance to sit down, relax, and a play a few hands!

8. this is a bit belated...but a few thursdays ago my hubby came home with a wii fit (which we'd been trying to find in stock for over a month). can i tell you how great this has been. i've been able to get up early and "workout" (and yes, it is actually a great workout!) without leaving the house, paying for the gym, or paying for someone to watch the girls. i'm definitely seeing results...losing a few pounds so far, but definitely feeling a HUGE increase in energy and strength.

9. elizabeth's choo-choo. this week we are focusing on the letter "c"...yesterday we made a cat...today my mom and i put our heads together (and the random toilet paper rollers, tissue box, and paper towel roll that had recently been emptied) and came up with a craft elizabeth LOVED! i think tomorrow we'll make a clock. i also will have to post elizabeth's crafting pictures from last week when we made a boat and busted out the blue paint (i think elizabeth was definitely more thrilled by the paint than the boat!).

10. a wonderful hubby who was okay with "lending" his girls to my parents for the week. seriously..i'm sure the house is quiet and a bit lonely at times, and i'm thankful for a husband who is willing to let us go at times! and, i'm smiling at the thought of getting to see my hubby tomorrow. being away is a nice change of pace, but being away just makes coming home sweeter.

11. a bonus..because i can smell the sausage my mom just cooked...and i'm already imagining the tasty homemade pizza we'll be eating for dinner in a couple hours! yum!

12. a double bonus. a pedicure of sorts (i'll spare you the pic of my foot!) with my mom's foot spa while we canasta-ed...seriously...playing cards with my mom while soaking my feet. definitely nice!

13. kate's "teepee crawl"...this is mode of transport when she is wearing a dress or on a surface she doesn't like. hilarious...she gets her little behind way up in the air and goes like crazy. who needs to walk when you've got moves like this!

14. elizabeth is totally smiling about her "c" snack....a capri sun and crackers!

15. swinging. poppy (with the help of grandmommy) got the swing hung in the big tree (a two-in-one...as it can switch between kate's baby swing and lib's big girl swing). the girls were loving it...although elizabeth had to warm up to the big girl swing, as i think she was a bit overwhelmed by swinging over the lake. kate was all smiles and laughter...strawberry hair blowing in the wind.

16. hot rod kater. kate loved sitting on libs hot wheel...and later she was even standing on it like evil knievil. (can you see libs "riding" it in the background of the pic with kate swinging...her legs are just a wee bit too short!)


Rebecca said...

those are some great smiles and pictures, amanda! leila does that same funny "crawl" when she's in a dress and on a surface she's not fond of. too cute! i love the train elizabeth made...and her face in the picture is adorable...liberty has been making smile faces like that, too. how fun that you've had time at the lake visiting your parents and your grandma...such a blessing, i'm sure!!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Looks like so much fun! Your pictures tell a wonderful story, I love them and your girls are so adorable! Love the cute hot rod picture how sweet and I can't get over how much they resemble eachother even though they are very different look, but both beautiful girls indeed! Hope the rest of your week is full of just as many smiles
Blessings to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo much fun! I love that you took the girls and had a girls weekend1 :)

Lisa said...

UNEXPECTED TRIPS ARE THE BEST! Your Grandmother must have been thrilled with the surprise and it looks like you girls had a wonderful time!

I must learn that card game - I have only heard about it through your blog, and I love new ways to play cards!

chelle said...

oh what fun! you have had a smile-packed week and how special for your Grandma to get to have you and the girls there with her.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Fun smiles, as always! I think it is so awesome that you are able to spend so much time with your family, even though they live relatively far away. And what great memories for the girls to have at the lake. I remember going to the lake a million and one times as a kid and even around college time with the twins...I miss the lake! Fun, fun!

chelle said...

I thought for sure I had your email somewhere...would you mind sending it to me at seachellegirl@msn.com, I have something I want to email you.

Nancy M. said...

Looks like so much fun! Those are beautiful pictures. I love how you have been coordinating the letters with the snacks she eats and the crafts she makes. That is a great idea!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Aw...family time is the best! That pizza looks like it is to die for...you cannot beat homemade pizza.

I've been wanting to watch Bella, too; I've heard lots of good things about it - and you just confirmed it again! :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Hello Amanda, just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the birthday wishes! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Sending many smiles your way!!!

Colored With Memories said...

I love all of your letter themed crafts and snacks...don't you think you should start teaching them "C"anasta too?

I absolutely love that game but don't have anyone to play it with here. I beat my grandma (who taught me in WI) one time...and I don't think she or I will ever forget it...a big deal!