Wednesday, March 16, 2011

museum visits & hospitals & beloved visitors...oh my!

funny how crazy it felt bringing elizabeth home when she was a having a baby made life feel so much more hectic. it seems that with #4, baby luke is the calm amidst the storm...the peace in the chaos. honestly, it isn't just since we've brought him home...or even in just the end of pregnancy uncomfortable time frame...nope, life has been going non-stop since way before that. but the past five or so days have been particularly harried.

but here he is...sleeping away...hints of sleepy little grins lingering. don't you just want to kiss all over those chubby little cheeks! :)

we ended last week with some much needed sunshine and warmth...enough warmth to do some serious backyard playing...lots of swinging, sliding, running after balls, and out world, jilly figured out how to do the slide all by herself.

saturday we headed to the museum as a celebrate sweet ellie's fifth birthday. we knew jillian wasn't feeling great...she had a bit of a runny nose and a tooth about to poke through, but we decided to keep her in the stroller and go for it. the museum was a zoo...a trifecta...saturday, grandparent's day, and a new exhibit opening...but we all still had some fun...and most of all, we got to celebrate with ellie.

elizabeth and birthday girl ellie

mommy, luke, and kate

jilly chowing down on a cupcake...even a bit under the weather she knows what to do with a chocolate cupcake :)

luke's first visit to the museum

daddy with kate and libs

midway through the museum visit you could see jilly taking a turn for the worse. we decided to pack up and head home...and honestly it didn't get much better from there. jilly's breathing was getting really labored...and despite back to back breathing treatments at home we weren't seeing any improvement, and she was now running a decent fever that we couldn't get to come down. once the big girls were in bed, we made the decision that based on her breathing rate, lack of response to meds and breathing treatments, etc. mike headed to the ER with our sweet girl. that was around 9...i got luke fed and down for the "night" (ie...3 or 4 hours...ha!)...mike was updating me via text message...and eventually i caught a bit of sleep myself, knowing i would need to be half awake for the girls in the morning since mike was likely going to have a long night at the ER...but when i woke up at 1:30 and checked my text messages i had one from him, and they were still struggling to get her breathing under control, so they were admitting her for oxygen and observation. ugh....

long story short, she had a viral infection and inner ear infection...nothing serious, but enough to throw her respiratory system...since this is her second ER visit for breathing problems in just 5 or so months, we are potentially looking at asthma or allergies of some kind...but they don't diagnose anything this early age-wise. anyway...mike spent 48 hours in the hospital with her...her O2 levels dropped significantly when she slept, so the first night she was on oxygen, but after that it was just antibiotics, breathing treatments and observation until her breathing was under control. she was a fairly happy camper...and my peditrician (and the nurses) kept telling us what a great patient she is...cooperative, happy, etc. i'm glad she is a good patient...but she now totals 6 days in the hospital since mid-november, and i'm praying we can keep her out of there! but we are so thankful for the great care she received...and for insurance, praise the Lord.

the happy patient...and her breakfast

...and, once again, amidst the chaos, here is our peaceful little the ability to just conk out anywhere, no matter the noise of his big sisters.

before we knew what the weekend would entail in the way of hospital stays, we were planning a family "reunion" of sorts on sunday. my sister was headed up from NC and my parents and grandma were planning to come down for the day sunday. uncle richard couldn't make it becuase of his teaching schedule and dad (poppy) ended up really sick and had to stay home, but aunt shell, grandmommy, and GG made it to our place. GG and aunt shell were able to meet our little man for the first time...i was able to have some much needed distraction and help while holding down the fort at home (while daddy held down the fort at the hospital with jilly). grandmommy brought YUMMY lasagna and salad...paired with bread and brownies, we feasted...and chatted...and laughed...and simply enjoyed being together...a fun "girls day"...well, except for luke. :)

i must say that both libs and kate were thoroughly enthralled with spending time with aunt shell, but kate had a particularly giggly, chatter-filled time. i think she is utterly and completely smitten.


on monday the big girls went to school and aunt shell and i hung with luke in the morning. we took turns visiting jilly in the hospital (since luke couldn't be in there with us...)...and while aunt shell was visiting jilly was discharged! while daddy and jilly went home to rest, aunt shell and i picked the girls up from school a bit early and headed to the children's museum for some fun.

goofing with aunt shell

luke's second museum visit

with diego

jilly and kate loving on waya

so thankful aunt shell got to spend a little "out of the hospital" time with jillian before hitting the road....actually, so thankful for all the time we got to spend with aunt shell...she is pretty darn terrific!

...and finally, because i just can't is our roly poly little man...he isn't in cloth full time yet...needs to put on a wee bit more "leg fat" (we're almost there!), but i just can't get over the adorableness. this is an XS bumgenius AIO our friend erin gave it! he is wearing it the spirit of saint patrick's day! :)...sadly he is just about too big for it though...(can you imagine that?!--HA!)

and is to hoping i can keep on posting. i have newborn pics of luke my second cousin's talented husband took (bless his heart he spent over 4 hours with us on a saturday when luke was just a week old...and delivered CDs with over 150 images--mostly luke but some of jilly as well--the others were gone for the day when he was he printed several images in various sizes). what a gift...and for those of you who are local...he was amazing! let me know if you need a photographer, i'd love to pass on his name...i'll post a luke post and jilly post with pictures soon...i promise! plus i have lots of thoughts swirling in my brain...thoughts about joy, thoughts about being real, thoughts about being weary, thoughts about grace, thoughts about daily life...and on and on...just need to find a few minutes to post them!


Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

What sweet glimpses of peace in the midst of crazy. It's always wonderful to visit here. And really - Luke is just amazing! Every single picture i see of him makes me smile.

Rebecca said...

love all the pictures and the good moments amidst the chaos. been praying for you & the family!

Nikki said...

What a breathless ride your family has been on, these past few weeks! I'm so glad Jilly's hospital stay was short--and that you had help + distraction while she and Mike were there.
Love love love the photos of Luke! He's such a chill guy; I'll betcha a quarter he's one of those quiet, unflappable fellows when he grows up. He's practicing early. :-)