Friday, May 30, 2008

CVS superstars

Just sharing some of this weeks bargains...want to see more and be inspired by the "coupon craze"...check out CVS Superstars at the Centsible Sawyer. I promise to be back with more than just pictures of bargains soon...but its been a long week with lots going on, coupled with being attacked by either allergies or a horrible cold (you know, the feeling your head is floating 6 feet above your body), LONG hours for the hub...and quite frankly, I just don't have the energy.

It was a good week for me at CVS...and Kroger (I'm loving all the e-coupons you can couple with paper coupons--big time savings!).

I got all of this at Kroger for something like 38 bucks (sorry..can't find the receipt at the moment. The original total was over $100...Mike and the girls were with me, and I know he cringed when he saw the total before coupons...and then I loved watching his jaw drop as the coupons started scanning and the total started dropping! I saved over $20 in Kroger card savings...and then something like $50 in manufacturer coupons!

Now onto CVS...and I ended up making several trips this week...more than I expected...but the deals were great, and they were things we needed.

Trip #1...two transactions...

4 Sierra Mist (BOGO)--coupled with 2 BOGO coupons--so FREE!

2 Tide detergents--used a 1/2 coupon

3 Revlon nail polishes--used 3 $2 off coupons--making these FREE plus overage after ECBs

3 Renuzit--used a $.55/3 coupon--these were fillers

1 pkg. Elmo band-aids--used $1 CVS CRT and $1 manufacturer coupon

Used a $5/15 coupon with each transaction...

Spent $3ish out of pocket (plus some ECBs of course) and walked out with $13 in ECBS...

Trip #2--prompted by the realization we were out of "travel" wipes (we make our own for around the house)

Transaction #1
4 Playskool wipes
1 Orapik traveler (finally found these in stock--which was a nice filler)
3 Johnson buddy bars (almost "free" fillers since I had a $2.50/3 coupon...and these will be passed on to others since our buddy bar stash is overly healthy these days!)
$1 off wipes coupon
$2.50 buddy bars coupon
$3/10 CVS brand coupon
$5/15 coupon

$4 ECB.....$.45 oop....and I made $2.79 in ECBS

Transaction #2

4 Playskool wipes

2 Orapik travelers

$1 off wipes coupon

$3/10 CVS coupon

$5/15 coupon

$2.79 ECB and $1 ECB....$2.99 oop...earned $10.58 in ECBs! last trip when the allergies attacked and I realized we were completely out of tissues! UGH! Sorry, no picture of this one...I've been too busy blowing my nose!

3 boxes Kleenex (used $.55 off 3 coupon)

4 Sobe Lifewaters (used 2 BOGO coupons to make these FREE after ECBs!)

2 Rimmel mascaras (which I also needed!--BOGO plus 2 $1 off coupons)

$5/15 coupon

I paid with a $5.58 ECB and $.08 oop....earned $2 I lost a few ECBs...but got much needed tissues...and more!

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Lisa said...

When you have time would you mind telling me where to find the Kroger Card Coupons?
I have found a couple through other blogs, but not nearly as good as yours!!!
Also, do you know if Kroger doubles those as well?