Friday, May 16, 2008

feedin' the freezer

2 motivated mommas....1 eager helper....2 nappin' babies (well, at least for part of the time!)...4 full freezer!

thats friend jamie and i spent the day "feeding" our freezers. she arrived at my place this morning just before kate and her little guy, alex, went down for naps...and we quickly got busy assembling our meals. we'd already done any browning of meat ahead of time, thus cutting our prep time considerably. this was our first attempt at freezer cooking (well...i'd done the big cooking for a month night at church once before...but i decided i'd prefer to attempt it on my own...selecting my own recipes, etc. so they could be a bit healthier and fit to our tastes)....anyway...i'd say it was quite a successful venture!

here's what i stashed away in the freezer this morning...

-32 chimichangas (most beef, a few chicken)

-3 orange beef and rice meals

-4 creamy dreamy spaghetti meals

-2 meals of polynesian pork (2 sets of 3 pork chops--which could also be cut up for shish kabobs)

-2 pork loins in "savory marinade"

-2 meals of honey mustard pork

-1 meal of honey mustard chicken

-3 meals of parsley parmesan chicken

considering most of these meals will feed us for one meal and one night of leftovers...that is cooking for over a month! hooray! i won't pull these out for every meal...but i plan to only have to cook from scratch one (maybe two) nights a week. i think this turned out to be a great value...timewise and as a bonus i got to spend that time with a friend (and "teaching" elizabeth about cooking!). my total cost for filling my freezer with these goodies was around $70!

*i am more than willing to pass along my "plan" and recipes to those who might be interested....i would love for others to benefit from the time it took to plan and break everything down.


Lisa said...

That looks amazing!!! It is hard to find time and motivation to cook EVERY night! This eliminates all urges to call Pizza Hut on a tough day...
How nice that you have a friend to stock pile with! Good work, girls!!

Rebecca said...

that is awesome! i definitely want to know all the details!

Nancy M. said...

I wish I could motivate myself to do this. It would definitely make mealtime a lot easier and less stressful!
I noticed your daughter and my son have the same birthday 8-6-07.

Wendi said...

AWESOME~ I have been in a huge rut lately on the cooking thing. I love to cook, but now with Dave ousting carbs, things have been a bit off kilter here. :) I still have three little ones to prepare meals for, and oh yeah, myself... :) I forget to feed myself way too often. I need to make some good meals to have ready and waiting for those super busy times. I'll probably e-mail you for details, because all of those meals sounded amazing to me!

Anonymous said...

Yes, details please!! I have been wanting to try this for the longest time and now is the time to do it. Rob just ordered 50 lbs of beef from a local farmer:) I need to figure out what to do with some of it!

Denise Sawyer said...

That is great! I have always wanted to do this as well. I just need a good buddy to do it with! That is wonderful that you have found a friend that is interested too! That makes the work...less like work!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

Carrie said...

You know what, a few friends and I are starting up a little group to do this exact thing. "Freezer cooking" is the best!! Love it.
Great job!
God bless :)