Friday, July 4, 2008

From Grandmommy's Point of View

....and now from my guest poster...Grandmommy!

Hello there blogland friends! Happy 4th of July!! We are here at the lake and enjoying some wonderful time with the fam for the holiday. Thanks to Amanda for allowing me to be her guest poster. I know there are many people out there who live for a new blog post on Blessings All Mine. That would include GG, Aunt Phil & Uncle Art and many others. So, without further is a snapshot of our weekend so far!
Amanda, Mike and the girls arrived yesterday about 3:30, after driving from the rain at home, through some nasty rain on the way to a beautiful mild summer day with some nice sunshine. Unfortunately Poppy was working and wasn't here to catch all the fun in the afternoon, so we took a lot of pictures. Here is Libbers checking out the lake "on her own terms!!" She was content with sitting on the "step" trying out her new boat.
Then, she discovered that the sand was fun todig your toesies in.
Later in the day when Poppy was home, Libbers found relaxing on her alligator chair just the thing after a long, hard afternoon.

After supper we all headed out back to pick cherries. Katers was all ready for bed in her jammies, but she enjoyed being pushed out back to join the action.
Elizabeth was a big helper as Daddy and Poppy started picking.
Once she figured out how to pick, then she wasn't sure what to do with the cherry in her hand.
But, before long, we had TWO big bowls full and isn't life just a bowl full of cherries anyway?

Today dawned beautiful with lots of promise for sunshine and water. As Poppy enjoyed his coffee and some time before he had to leave for work (yes, another day without our dear sad!!) he let Libbers water Grandmommy's flowers with the spray bottle (normally used to keep Mugho from barking). Isn't she just a picture of innocence? Not to mention the beautiful "flowders" from such wonderful attention.

As soon as it was warm enough, the bathing suits came out and the girls got
their first "swim" of the season. Katers loved just sitting in the water, until she decided to eat the rocks, and she got upset wheMommy took them away and lifted her out. Libs was more content to stay mostly dry and groom the shoreline with her rake and hoe.

We spent most of the rest of the afternoon sitting on the pontoon boat watching the lake go by....a favorite pastime of lake folks. Us gals even had lunch on the boat and called Aunt Shell, who we wished was there with us.
After lunch it was time for Libs and Daddy to get a closer look at the action, and soon Mugho was there to join them.

Of course, there is no stopping Katers from being part of the action. She just had her own vantage point from a little lower level. Then, sitting on her towel playing was the perfect way to warm up as the afternoon wore on.

It has been a fantastic weekend so far and I am so blessed to have everyone here to share the holiday with us. God bless you all and never forget what a precious gift we have, our freedom living in the USA. God bless America!
PS...Amanda has "beat" me at one game of canasta, but it was NO was a VERY close game. MAYBE eventually this weekend I can win! Wish me luck!
*Note...a special thanks to grandmommy for gave me (amanda) the chance to finish knitting a Christmas stocking (only two more to go!) and watch a movie with mike and poppy! although it meant mom and i had to take a night off from tomorrow the schnaukerings will go on!


Wendi said...

Oh fun fun! Meeting grandmommy! :) Great pictures and neat to get your mom's point of view. Your a blessed girl! I'm so glad you got to have this relaxing time with your family. I LOVE boating! One of summer's special treats.

Rebecca said...

your weekends sounds wonderful! how special that grandmommy posted and shared her view of things. thanks! love the pics, as always!

Amy said...

Looks like you all had a blast! yeah!

I'm so jealous of the weather up there, it was freezing over in Libertucky and it just poured ALL DAY LONG! There was definitely no swimming this weekend, much to the chagrin of Lilla. :( So sad. So, we swam today!

Mommy Mechanics said...

ooo i'm jelous that looks like so much fun. Very cute pics!

Nancy M. said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls! Very nice to hear what your grandmommy had to say. Looks like so much fun!