Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ten smile tuesday

apparently it wouldn't be ten smile tuesday around here without a million and one pictures! i tried and tried but just couldn't pare them down more than this. though it isn't that much easier per say, i think they girls are both at such fun stages...so many fabulous moments to giggle, savor and share in together. here is the weekly slice of our little life.

1. "Great God Who Saves" by Laura Story....my current fav cd (current meaning, well...today...and surely for some time to give). my friend jamie just passed a copy on to me...you really should go here and have a listen.

2. coasters...i've been working on some of these for MOPS speaker gifts...and some to add to my etsy shop (i promise that someday soon i'll actually put something up for sale...really!...and when that day comes i'm even planning a giveaway on my blog...someday!)

3. MOPS. our year of MOPS started thursday. so great to get back into the swing of things....catch up with moms i haven't seen since last year...meet new moms (and babes!)....enjoy a fab brunch....see the fruits of our planning. good stuff.

4. an impromptu afternoon with mike's parents. we ended up meeting them downtown for a saturday afternoon lunch and then strolled on over to the zoo. it was a gorgeous day to be outside; we even sat outside for lunch. (and this day out led to one pooped kate and one goofy elizabeth on the ride home)

5. the start of "E" week...and what better to kick it off except that "E is for Elephant"...and Elizabeth, of course! elizabeth had a blast helping with the lacing and gluing of this critter.

6. E also stands for eclairs....we whipped up a batch of these puppies yesterday afternoon....a treat for daddy (who is working lots of overtime) to take to work to share with his co-workers. "aunt" jamie and elizabeth worked hard to pipe the filling into the pastries while kate, alex, and mugho looked on waiting for scraps! these were delish...(of course jamie and i had to test them before sending them out the door...and i did send some home with jamie as well....)

7. bargains. you all know i love a good buy...even better when it involves shoes....and even better when they are super cute shoes in just the right size for elizabeth's growing feet. i picked these puppies up for $2.50 at kohls on sunday night....they were the only pair left and just happened to be just right for libs....who proceeded to tote her box around the store as proud as a peacock!

8. those shoes were just perfect for elizabeth's ever expanding bike-riding skills. seriously, i feel like in a matter of days she's riding like a champ all by herself...steering to stay out of the grass and everything.

9. jackets and jeans. i must admit that i am more than slightly ready for fall...for jeans and long sleeves...for autumn leaves and cool breezes....applesauce making and pumpkin patch visits. when i heard the weather report for today and the temp this morning was in the 50s i was thrilled to bust out the cutie jackets GG bought the girls. elizabeth was thrilled that it had a "hat"...and kate, well, she was just enthralled by trying to peek her hands out of the sleeves. i know she is super blurry in the first pic...but i just LOVE elizabeth smile and had to include it. as for the jeans part...there's just something about little ones in jean. i think kate is fascinated by her legs being covered, as she just keeps running her hands over the fabric again and again!

10. a girl and her mugho pug....i was sitting on the floor reading a story to kate, and when i glanced up this was what i saw (so, of course, after savoring the sight for a moment...and almost crying at the sweetness of it...i grabbed my camera). you can't see it through the window, but they're watching the train pass by...and you can't hear it, but elizabeth is launched into a full scale intense conversation with mugho. in fact, she is telling him all about the lyrics to "mighty to save" (from smile #1)..."mugho...my God can move a mountain. my God is mighty to save. mugho, Jesus conquered the grave...yes, He conquered the grave." precious moments to cherish...makes the frustrating moments worth it all (because yes, though i am not mentioning them in my "smiles" we do have plenty of those around the yak house!).

oh how i could go on...our lovely walk last night...a bridal shower for my dear friend lora...rain landing on our parched lawn...an organized hallway linen closet....the grain mill and fresh, farm grown whole wheat headed our way...my hard working hubby....friends....oh how blessed we are.

but i leave you with this wild and crazy reality...see this face and these feet....can you believe that this sweet little girl turns three in less than a month!? craziness i tell you! i'm so up in the air about her birthday...she is old enough to get it...old enough to have requested a "choo choo birthday party"...and yet i'm still not sure what we will be doing. with an upcoming wedding, crazy work schedules, family out of town (with their own schedules) i'm just not sure when to do something or what to do...but oh how i long to have a celebration for sweet libs....how i long for her to have a day filled with hugs and kisses...balloons and cards....shiny paper and bows....and so i will keep thinking and planning. any ideas!?


Lisa said...

I have to say, I am so so ready for Fall too - and I am loving this cooler weather!
You are so creative Amanda, I am sure you will come up with something perfect for her birthday...

Aminta said...

OOOHHHH! Sweater weather! YAY!
I adore Autumn. The beauty in changing weather, colors etc. AND warm food again!
The only problem is, I am frozen now. During summer I do not need to dry my hair with a hair dryer. But come Autumn I FREEZE if I do not, which is something I forgot this morning. Even though I had a nice hot cup of coffee I still am frozen.
I CANNOT believe that Libs is going to be THREE! She is such a smart (and adorable) little cookie!
Blessings to her on her birthday!
What a wonderful week!!!!!
Loves to you Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Such cute coasters!! I know you're planning on putting them on Etsy...but could I talk you into spilling the beans on how you made them? You could even e-mail me if you felt so inclined! If you don't want to, I understand :)

Me Shell said...

you should have a late party for aunt shell! he he!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

You should totally have a choo choo party of some kind. Maybe she can go on a train ride, they have them in Connersville or Metamora I think. Take a small amount of family or close friends with. Even if it's a few weeks late, she'll love something that she has been able to take part of and enjoy.

I'm happy about the fall weather too, although sad there will be no more swimming as the peanut loves it. She keeps asking to go in the pool, ugh, what are you gonna do?

MOPS was definitely a big smile for me this week too!

Take care,

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I am a total jacket-and-jean kind of girl...I absolutely adore fall weather and all that goes with it.

And you said two magic words during this post...Kohls (yay! my fave) and eclairs. Yum...you should post your recipe.

Rebecca said...

such wonderful smiles. and you know i'm all about the pictures! your girls are so precious! i can hardly believe your libs will be 3 in less than a month...and my leila will be 1...sniff sniff! those eclairs look delish! so glad you've had a great week. and i'm definitely going to check out your new fave cd. i, too, am looking forward to fall. although since we've moved to a milder climate, i'm already experiencing cooler, more comfortable weather. yea!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for dropping me a note. It looks like you stay plenty busy and have lots of fun with your kids. Have a great day!

Nancy M. said...

Such sweet smiles. Your girls are so beautiful!

Wendi said...

I always love your pictures! :)
Those coasters are awesome Amanda! You over achiever you. :)
Crazy about fall myself. I love my little men in their crisp jeans.
Off to check out your music link - oh and LOVED the story of a girl and her dog. :) Must be awesome to overhear your daughter witnessing to your dog. :) Good times!

Carrie said...

I soooo love reading these!

Ummm....uuhhhh...are you going to post HOW you did those coasters? I'm desperate for new ideas for Christmas gifts.

And by the way, I'm going to ship you the fabric I listed on my blog, IF you still really want it. Because Becka, my sister in law, is a lunatic. It's ok - she knows it.

Let me know if you still want it.

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

FAll is definitely my favorite so I can totally understand why you are already breaking out the warmies hehe Im a little guilty myself lol
Adorable coasters by the way!
Love reading this weeks smiles Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Don't you dare leave out any of your adorable pictures! I love seeing every last one of them when I stop by. I can't believe that Elizabeth is turning 3 already. I think when I started reading your blog she was just a baby... My how the time flies:)
Your coasters are simply lovely and I can't wait until you start stocking up that etsy shop. Keep us posted. Someday I might do that too...
Enjoy the wonderful fall weather, we will be here too! Have a great weekend:)

Rebecca said...

hello there. good to hear from you. yes, the time is flying by sooo fast. i can't believe i'm about half way through this pregnancy. and that leila will be a year old in less than a month. yikes! i checked out that singer laura story...i had heard a couple of her songs before and didn't know it. i LOVE LOVE LOVE her music! thanks!

Chelle said...

also loving the fact that fall is the air.
so excited for you as you plan Elizabeth's 3rd birthday.
darling pictures of your darling girls and so, so excited about your up and coming Etsy shop.
I always leave here smiling. Thank you.