Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ten smile tuesday

1. having daddy home...after LOTS of long overtime hours, we were all thrilled to have daddy home with us for the weekend. elizabeth was especially thrilled to help daddy sift wheat for milling and bread baking...how precious it is to see how they love one another so!

2. the sound of elizabeth's voice belting out the words to "mighty to save" (from last weeks smiles!)...we were at a prayer and worship night at church sunday and sang this song. she was thrilled...and as for me...well, needless to say, i had tears streaming down my face as i listened to her tender little voice worshipping Jesus.

3. F...for flowers and frogs...F for friends, like the kind we had over for dinner friday night...F for fun...a week filled with it! :)

4. all these groceries for just $10...seriously! gotta love kroger and catalina coupons...we are stocked on granola bars and soup for quite awhile to come (and air fresheners too!).

5. sunday afternoon naps...its been quite awhile since i've snuggled in for a nap, but boy did it feel great! :)

6. papasan fun. in an ongoing attempt to organize and de-clutter we decided to get rid of the papasan in our bedroom, and when the girls discovered it downstairs--waiting to be hauled away--they had a blast goofing around it in. definitely some photo-worthy moments!

7. these little feet taking some steps. just yesterday kate gathered the courage to really give walking a try (shes taken a few steps before but not consistently or stably)...she's taking 5 or 6 steps at a time and really starting to balance. it is so amazing to see her gather confidence...and, of course, to see that HUGE grin and hear the belly laugh when she successfully makes it to her target! :)

8. laundry folding "help"...let me tell you, these two are the best helpers EVER! :) (how is it that elizabeth can successfully get daddy's big ol' socks on her legs AND arms but never seem to get her own on when we're in a hurry!?)

9. sights like this...elizabeth's future profession...clowning! the socks and shoes really make the outfit...dontcha think!?

10. the cute little things elizabeth utters all the time these days. yesterday we were putting "choo-choo" stickers on her birthday invitations (yep...figured out what we are doing!), and she kept calling the conductor the train pastor. "mommy...lets put the train pastor on this one." "elizabeth, he is the conductor...remember when the train drives by and we wave at the conductor?" "nope, he is the pastor, mommy." apparently anyone in a suit must be a pastor.

11. one last smile...since i missed marking the day (which was actually saturday!)...it was 5 years ago saturday that mike asked me to be his wife...after a lovely day of walking on the canal, picnicking, and hanging in the park (and being "followed" by his photographer friend ALL day...i was quite oblivious to the fact...definitely blinded by love!--and, of course, now i can't find the file with the actual proposal picture...but this is us later in the day)


Shanna said...

The girls as always are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your smiles ;)

Lisa said...

$10 for all of those groceries - a HUGE reason to smile!!!

and what a cute story of your proposal - I love the picture!

And your girls are adorable - could they look any more alike?!?!?

Rebecca said...

always such great smiles! i especially love the pictures of the girls in the papasan chair. so precious! and yea for kate taking real steps now!! your girls just get more beautiful!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Your girls are so stinkin cute! And Kate is walking! How exciting! Ryder started walking Sunday and you shoudl have seen me I was a nut lol I went crazy ha I bet you are were so excited for her! Theyare really growing Amanda! And that pic of you two is so cute! You look gorgous :)
Hoping you have a fun rest of the week

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Love the smiles. :) They are making me smile. We are in the midst of daddy doing lots of overtime - his day starts at 4am. We look forward to when we can join you in smiling over having him more available to us! :)
The pictures of the girls "helping" you fold clothes are so.great! :)
We celebrated 8 years since our engagement on September 2nd. :) Isn't it fun! The memories are super sweet.
Oh - and I am once again duely impressed... Miliing wheat? I do need to take me a little trip and learn a thing or two from you. My guess is we don't live too terribly far from one another...

Nancy M. said...

Awesome pictures! Such pretty little girls. I can hardly keep up with my little walker now, he's starting to run. That is so sweet Elizabeth singing at church.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Five years ago already? Where does the time go? I remember you calling me and telling me all about it so clearly. Right before I met Michael it was! Who knew we would beat you to the chapel? Goodnight, we got married fast! LOL

What a sweet bunch of smiles. I love it when the peanut and Michael are together, it is just precious. He is off today and she insisted he lay on the pillow with her, not another pillow, he has to lay on hers. Touches my heart.

Oh, and that mighty to save song? Love, love, love it! And to hear your daughter sing it? Even better!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Kate is walking!! Look how big she is...wow.

Hearing my little one sing makes me cry too...something about that pure little voice praisin' Jesus is so special.

I LOVE the last pic of you and your hubs...you look so very happy, and I guess you have good reason to be!

diashermosos said...

You are officially the master grocery shopper!! I've never seen anything like it before.
Love the pictures (especially the socks:) Thanks for sharing your smiles around with the rest of us!!

Leslie said...

how stinking sweet are all thse smiles...

steps, and proposals, and girly giggles and bargain groceries.
Sounds like the super blessed week to me!