Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ten smile tuesday (with my first ever bloggy video!)

before you start reading let me warn you...this post is filled with pictures...i mean FILLED! if you don't have time to read the whole post be sure to at least scroll down and see my first ever bloggy video! there just may be more to come since i FINALLY figured out how to include them! :) in retrospect, i probably should have made a post for each event of the past weekend, but really, who has time for that...and it is, after all, ten smile tuesday, so there's no time like the present to fill you all in! :)

1. thursday...a lovely little MOPS meeting, followed by an impromptu lunch at costco with daddy, and an afternoon whirlwind of tidying up the house in preparation for our crazy weekend.

2. friday morning...a delightful morning at the "spa"...i went to aveda for a haircut and mini-massage, etc. of course, i have mentioned this smile before on so many occasions. but really, it bears repeating. where else can you get a fab haircut, mini-massage and facial for just $17!? (you'll see plenty of pics of my new haircut in the coming smiles!)

3. friday afternoon...lunch and some qual time with the bride-to-be and the girls...i mean, really, you all know what kind of qual time you have with a bunch of girls the day before a wedding! :) and really how great that my hubs took all day friday off to hang with the girls while i did my morning of pampering, lunch and hanging with the girls...and then i even managed to sneak in a quick shopping stop at kohls (AND actually bought something for myself!) before heading home.

4. friday later afternoon...a blissful nap! apparently having the entire morning out wasn't enough relaxation...

5. friday night...a fun rehearsal and tasty rehearsal dinner. more fun time with dear friends....AND seeing miss elizabeth practice her flower girl duties!

6. saturday morning...the wedding. what a wonderful morning...watching my sweet friend lora, who i've known since we were in preschool, walk down the aisle and marry an incredible Godly man. God's grace and wisdom in bringing this man and woman together is SO evident. not only that, but oh how my heart swelled to see my "baby" dressed in her beautiful flower girl dress...twirling and spinning like a beautiful princess...delighted at her little role in the wedding. and she did a fabulous job...my dad has some video from his camera, and i will try to post it on friday when we're at their house. here is the reveal of the dresses i talked about making with my friend jill awhile back...jill made elizabeth's, and i made kate's (with lots of directions from jill!). i tweaked the ballet slipper pattern because i thought little brown satin slippers would be the perfect compliment to the dress...and jill had the finishing touches with the hair bow and basket. a special thanks to grandmommy and poppy who helped with kate during the wedding! :)

elizabeth and "aunt" jill

the girls...these are the four girls i did wednesday night Bible study with for SO long...

7. saturday evening....the "zooboo"...after the wedding and reception we snuck in a quick nap for the girls, my sister arrived, and our whole gang headed to the zoo. (my parents were already here from the wedding)--we missed you uncle richard...but thanks for sharing your wife!

checking out the penguins w/ aunt shell (i'd love to know what the penguins thought of the gator and cow pressed against the glass)

kate was SO into the animals (and trying to get libs treats!)

sisters all around!

8. saturday night...family. we made homemade pizza....prepared for the party...and just plain enjoyed being together.

my dad, me, michelle, and my mom (its been awhile since we've had a picture of just the four of us)

9. sunday....elizabeth's choo-choo birthday party! michelle and i had LOTS of fun building and decorating the cake, and bless my mom's heart, she kept the kitchen sparkling and helped with lots of the other food prep. the party was mostly family plus jill, nathan, and brennan (and really, they're "family" too!). what fun to have a mini family reunion of sorts though....a house full of noise and laughter and fun.

10. sunday evening...the calm after the craze...how nice to simply put our feet up and relax sunday night. we played with elizabeth's new toys, walked to cvs, and simply rested!

11. monday...back to the norm. really, i am smiling to be getting back into the swing of things after what feels like a month of non-routine. i've always kind of resisted routine, but the past weeks of craziness have made me really appreciate it! :)

12. good eats! cheesy corn tortilla bites, white chicken chili, taco soup, and guacamole...the makings for a choo-choo fiesta! :) (and, of course, a carrot choo-choo train cake with cream cheese frosting!)

and finally...five more pictures that make me smile. from top to bottom, left to right....
3 generations--michelle, mom, grandma, me
kate...i LOVE the twinkle in her eyes
our little fam
four generations--libs, shell, mom, gg, kate, me
our little fam (i love that we've gotten so many pics with the four of us together lately!)

and finally...for your viewing pleasure...the birthday girl!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Absolutely precious! I love seeing bloggy videos and hearing all of my far-away friends' voices. :)

Ok...WHERE is this place where you can get a haircut, massage and facial for $17? Is it $17 for all, or for each one? I am floored. If it is anywhere near Indy, you HAVE to let me know because I definitely want to check it out next time I come home.

Or maybe I am getting all excited for nothing and you really just have a sweet hook-up through someone you know that works there. :)

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh my goodness, you've had some good times in the past week. What a sweet time to spend with some special friends, there is nothing like going to a wedding of people that you love and share in their joy together. Ah, just a lovely time!

That is so nice that you got so many pictures of your little foursome together. We need to do the family picture thing more often. If we get one or two a year we are doing good, yeah, the Christmas card has always got the three of us. LOL Hey, maybe this year's will have four!!

Loved the video, it made me smile to hear your voice again, I can't believe how long it's been since we've seen each other! Time sure flies!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Such a fun filled post! :) I loved the video Amanda!
You did an excellent job on the flower girl dress! SO beautiful! :)

Rebecca said...

oh what wonderful smiles!! and i LOVED all the pictures! and the video was so great. libs is getting so big. it was fun to hear all the voices. looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend! the girls both looked so cute in their matching dresses for the wedding. you and lora did a great job on them! love your family pics, too. so fun that your family was able to have some time all together. and your hair looks great! i wish there were a place like that around here! i am in serious need of a haircut!!! by the way, would you mind sharing how you posted the video? i've been trying but just cannot figure it out. alright...i guess this is long enough...hope the rest of yoru week is full of relaxing and just enjoying your family :).

Aminta said...

Beautiful dress Amanda! I adore the colors too.
I WILL have time to read this soon.

Nancy M. said...

I loved the video! I really need to figure that out myself. I love all the pictures and the video. I hope to see more of those.

Wow! That is a cheap spa deal! I'm glad you've had so much fun and family time lately.

IA. said...

Hi! I love the pictures! The kids looked great in their costumes! Nice to see your family having a grand time together :D

Lisa said...

oh Amanda, it warms my heart to hear you are feeling like your self again and getting back to normal!!!
Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend (the wedding looks beautiful) and I cannot wait to hear your voice tonight when I get home - I love finding out how you girls sound!!!

btw - I adored your "getting to know you" post on Domestic Bliss

Little Candle said...

How can Elizabeth possibly be three? And Kate is growing and changing everyday...I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.
You have a had some wonderful things going on!
Hugs to you!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Aww so sweet and look at that CAKE! So cute!!

I have an award for you over at my blog ;)

Colored With Memories said...

i loved reading through this fun filled post.

that train cake...amazing!

the video was cute too!

Aminta said...

Amanda, I am so aorry for not getting those scraps out yet. I plan on sending them today. :(