Monday, November 24, 2008

i'm exhausted....

...but my freezer is full! my friends chrisy and jill came over today, and we managed to feed our freezers. how exciting is that! well worth the time in planning, extra shopping and organizing, and majorly aching feet. i must admit that i "cheated" and did a couple extra meals this weekend as well, but my freezer is now home to...

-2 bags of chicken pot pie filling--i just need to pull it out, thaw it, and whip up a crust
-3 batches of chicken and wild rice soup (each batch is sure to feed us a couple times)
-4 sausage calzones
-3 batches of black bean and sausage soup for the crockpot (again, sure to feed us a couple of times per bag)
-2 pork tenderloins in honey mustard marinade
-2 pork tenderloins in savory marinade
-16 chimichangas
-1 batch of crockpot harvest stew (i froze half of the batch i made for sunday lunch after church)
-3 servings of parsley parmesan chicken

i hope to post the recipes on good stuff maynard before we head out for thanksgiving. AND i am going to put all the recipes and instructions into a those who e-mailed last time asking...and, yes, i admit that i completely dropped the ball on responding...i will have the info if you are interested!

but for now...i'm checking out for the day!


Leslie said...

I Want all these recipes, they sound so increibly yummy and yeah for full fridges going into the holidays..


Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

sounds so yummy!!! I'm jeleous of your freezer lol!


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

You go girl! I totally meant to do this before the baby was born, but now I'm just exhausted. My back is not happy with me at this point so a day of cooking isn't in the cards. I did make two pot pies today though, one to eat and one to freeze so I'm good there! LOL Maybe I'll have a couple more of those inspirational moments in the next 3 weeks to stock up!

Trace said...

omgosh... stumbled across your blog tooo!! I'm finding all of the whole "Spacer's" that I loved to visit a few years ago! I'm not sure if you'll remember me- my old Space blog was called: This Gift Called Life.
I found you via Carrie's Crafty Cottage (another old blogging buddy! LOL!)..

In any case- great to have stumbled across your blog again! I'll be sure to bookmark...

Blessings to you and your family (adorable girls!!!)

Rebecca said...

awesome! and everything sounds so yummy! i might be able to get my sisters-in-law to do something like this!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

When I hear about you doing this I always get so inspired! :) Good for you! I'm sure it is super busy and tiring to do it but I can imagine the stress it cuts down for you on a daily basis once it's done.
The mom's group I do stuff with at church is planning a morning of doing somthing like this together.
It's great that you have friends to do it with. Doing all that cooking by yourself wouldn't be half as fun. :)

Lisa said...

what a fun and productive day!
can't wait for the recipes so I can stock up myself - don't we all have those days when cooking is the last thing we have time for, I think this would be a life saver!!!

Aminta said...

Oh how wonderfully exhausting! I wish I could say that was why I was exhausted last night. lol
I just got your package!! YAY!! Lovely. FAITH adopted the blanket, and took over the mit. :) AND I am SOOOO Very excited about the coasters. What a DOLL you are! THAT was way above and beyond. The children have already used the Tic-Tac-Toe pieces! You should sell those with a larger piece for the board, I bet you they would sell!
Precious lady, Thank you!
Loves, Aminta

Cottage Mommy said...

I'm super impressed! You must have a good sized freezer! Everything sounds so yummy! Do you want to come to my house and help me fill my feezer?