Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ten smile tuesday

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1. the right to vote...seriously, what an incredible blessing to have a voice. i most definitely exercised this right...bright and early this morning...after standing in line for 45 minutes (fortunately i was all by my lonely while mike stayed home with the sleeping girlies...). apparently waiting 45 minutes was nothing compared to the waits i'm hearing others had...apparently everyone is ready to voice their opinion this time around.

2. lions and ladybugs...i think this was elizabeth's favorite craft last week (probably because she got to use scissors to clip the lion's mane...i tell ya, this girlie LOVES scissors).

3. some quality crafting time this weekend...brianstorming and sewing for the scrappy swap.

4. my little gator and cow...what fun we had trick-or-treating for a bit on friday. elizabeth was quite the charming cow...marching up to the door, a polite "trick or treat", taking time to check out every kind of treat in the bowl, a hearty "thank you", and then as we strolled down the drive she would repeatedly say, "mama...lets go to the next house too!" she was also quite concerned that kate get a treat too...

pictures from halloween--kate would NOT sit still to get one of both girls together...and yes, her mouth is STUFFED with cheez-its in 3rd pic...but i still loved the gator view.

these are repeat pics of our time at zoo boo the other week.

5. that sweet blessed extra hour of sleep saturday night...although i'm telling you, i forget how early it gets dark once the time changes!

6. garden prep...saturday mike pulled up the garden claw and started tilling up the garden...and we are for real (really real this time) going to actually plant something in it (novel idea...) this spring. elizabeth was quite the helper...and as for kate...well, she supervised!

7. this goes with #6...but simply being outside. we've been loving the gorgeous temps and sunshine...swinging, sliding, playing ball...strolling, wagonning...and on and on!

8. pumpkin muffins...YUM...elizabeth help me "m"ix up some "m"uffins for one of our M week activities yesterday. we even made enough to freeze some for later. tasty and fun! :)

9. coffee and catching up with my sweet friend lora...the friend who got married a couple weeks ago. how fun to simply chat and be together...and hello, how fun that she is married now...and chatting with her brought to mind my own newlywed days...honeymoon....etc....which brings me to smile #10!

10. my husband. lately we've just had some fabulous conversations...and friends, he is so kind and loving...he listens when i cry (also providing a shoulder and some tissues). he does laundry just because. he loves on our girls and plays with them in such a special way. he's funny. he is strong. he loves Jesus. he leads us. he provides for us. he doesn't complain or place unrealistic expectations out there. he is my best friend. and in the spirit of remembering back to our first weeks as a married couple...here are some snaps of our honeymoon...to wyoming...four and a half years ago.


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh fun, fun, fun! :)

I so agree with #1. I just got back from voting and felt such a thankfulness as I was doing it. What a great country we live in!

I loved all the pictures. The ones of you and Mike were so neat to see! I love remembering those early days.

Sweet cow and gator! I love that you got a gator costume for your little kater gator. :)

Shanna said...

LOVE that last picture LOL :)

Such cute costumes on the girls this year!

Sorry you had to wait 45 minutes! I walked in, voted and was out in less than 5 minutes! You're right though, I bet this year's turn out was much higher than in the past!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

My little one LOVES scissors too...what is up with that? :)

How fun to see pictures of you and your honey from a few years back. You both are so blessed.

Amen to being able to live in such a great country and for our right to vote!

Nancy M. said...

I'm going to have a garden next year too! I loved what you wrote about your husband. So sweet! Beautiful smiles and pics!