Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ten smile tuesday (playing catch up!)

this isn't your typical ten smile tuesday. i'm not sure how many there actually are! our days have been so full...and i simply wanted to share...so it is more like a collage of pictures than anything, but surely you get the idea of what we've been smiling about!

just a few glimpses of our Christmas decor (and yes...the photo on that shelf is from way back when elizabeth was kate's age...apparently i need an updated photo!)

the tree

mr. magnetic snowman...our door greeter...a gift from grandma f.

the stockings...hand knit and felted by grandmommy...aren't they fabulous! (and of course, there is my nativity as well...but i've already shown you that)

these incredible placements and napkins are compliments and dawna and the happy handmade Christmas swap over at domestic bliss

incidentally, they match my table decor PERFECTLY!

our grinnin' gator...all decked out in her Christmas outfits...the tights are my fav part of the ensemble...would won't love chubby little legs toddling around in Christmas trees!

the bean bags i whipped up while enjoying a few hours BY MYSELF (can you believe it!) at home...while mike and nathan worked on a super secret project at the lewis' house...and jill, bless her heart, offered to play with the girls so i could have a few hours off! lovely! granted...i did have to take mugho to the vet...which was also a much lovelier trip without the kiddos!

stampin'...libs LOVED this...i think she equally loved getting to wear daddy's undershirt as an "apron" of sorts (good thing she's getting an apron for Christmas!)

advent calendar time...

my baby is growing up...and so quickly...yogurt, yogurt everywhere...except in her mouth!

hot cocoa anyone?!

and here they are...the girl's dolls....elizabeth's are on the left (the yellow haired one and the one with the brown top and blue skirt)....kate's are on the right. the big ones are made from the wee wonderfuls pattern...and the small ones are black apple dolls. i absolutely can't wait for the girls to open these Christmas morning...in fact, i'm perhaps a bit more excited than they will even be! (as a note...i used felt circles for eyes and then embroidered the nose and mouth with thread...just liked it a bit better than the suggested face for the black apple dolls).

Christmas-y Libs...

eating her special Christmas waffles....elizabeth and i woke up a bit earlier than everyone else saturday morning, so we whipped up a batch of waffles (adding a wee bit of green food coloring just to be festive...AND because, of course, green IS elizabeth's FAVORITE color...as she LOVES to remind us!) and then topped them with strawberries, whip cream, and sprinkles.

our little crafter in training...i'm sure there are many new adventures in crafting to come with kate. as of today i think we're officially done with her morning nap...meaning she'll be up and at 'em during elizabeth and my typical craft time!

she just wants to be like the big girls!

moments of happy together play...i must admit, these aren't always that frequent these days...kate has a mind of her own...a mind that happens to believe "EVERYTHING IS MINE!"...and elizabeth...sweet elizabeth....well, yep, she has that mind too! they are definitely keeping us on our toes...but in the midst of the "ugh!" moments (and sometimes hours or days) we get glimpses of the sweet harmony of playing together...

look closely...can you see it...nope the blue streaks are not something on my camera lens...nope, it's crayon...lately elizabeth has been really into trying to color herself! dear me!

baby love....kate LOVES her baby...drags her everywhere, pushes her in the strollers, and my favorites...she LOVES to sit patting baby's head...precious!


Rebecca said...

libs and kate are so adorable! liberty likes to color on herself as well. one day we went to the dmv and as i was filling out paperwork, she colored on her arms with pen and said, "look mama, pretty arms." love your dolls.. they turned out so cute. those christmas placemats are beautiful! and i totally know what you are going through with the "mine" frame of mind. we have plenty of rough days at our place as well!! hope you have a wonderful christmas, amanda! sending our love to you & the fam...

creative gal said...

you have a beautiful home! Merry Christmas!

Aminta said...

My goodness! Libs is getting SO BIG! Crazy how time flies!
Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

Nancy M. said...

Awesome pictures! I love the dolls! I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

It looks like you guys were having a blast planning for the holidays. Isn't craft time the best? Lilla just loves to do anything that might pertain to glue...in fact, we gave her a glue stick in her stocking and that was probably the highlight of the whole thing. Hilarious!

You are right that time does go fast and that they just grow up so quickly. I see it more and more with Lilla now that I have Miss Anna Noelle, crazy how fast it happens!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful Amanda and that your New year 2009 is very bright!