Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ten-ish smile tuesday

since i only manage to post once a week these days, i figured i should be sure to get my post up. but i must admit that i'm exhausted and REALLY ready for a nap while the girlies nap...so this may be more "bullet-point tuesday" than ten smile tuesday! :)

-having daddy off for five...yep, five!...incredible days in a row!

-a fabulous-o date with my hubby thursday night...thanks to our date swap for free childcare and to ted's montana grill for the B1G1 bison burger coupon. i mean, a night out with my favorite guy would have been fabulous, regardless, but its nice when there's a bargain involved as well!

-a fairly successful garage sale...despite the lack of advertising on our neighborhood's part and the cool and semi-rainy weather saturday. i still made $100 for stuff i'd have been getting rid of anyway (and some things i would have considered j-u-n-k!)...plus it was fun to spend two mornings hanging with a friend.

-this sweet girl!

-and this one, who did a FANTASTIC job at her first ever dental appointment...she passed with flying colors and was proclaimed one of the most cooperative and calm little patients they'd ever had...which made mommy's heart happy...i wasn't sure how she would react...hence the fact that daddy went along instead of mommy....he seems to have a calming effect! we celebrated with homemade chocolate malts to share...yumm-o!

-celebrating daddy's happy birthday...it was a day-long affair...

donuts from our favorite local bakery for breakfast before church

elizabeth and kate loved their cinnamon "squiggle" donuts...

elizabeth even gave daddy a push on the swing as a present...i mean, really, what more could a daddy want on his special day

then the girls gave daddy the gift of letting him push...elizabeth loves flying HIGH IN THE SKY! and she loves to sing, "high in the sky, and the world wonders why...i'll just tell them i'm loving my KING..ooohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhh!" LOVE IT!

mommy gave daddy a german chocolate cake...and he appreciated that as well!

and finally, we invited some friends over to enjoy the cake and sunshine with us...gotta love that of the four kids, the youngest of all, kate, is the one standing at the top of the slide platform!

-sunshine...these shots all came from this morning. the girlies and i have been soaking in the beautiful day...and looking forward to what looks to be a string of fabulous may days to come!

elizabeth talked kate into "pushing" her on the swing...kate was so proud of the inches she was making her sissy move

and after watching sissy do this...

kate figured it out as well...

and then they paused for a rare "together and both sitting still and mostly smiling" picture...these girlies are a joy to my heart! and i can't wait to meet their little brother or sister...who surely will expand the joy and blessings infinitely! only 15 more weeks, folks!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Is it just me or are BOTH girls looking particularly grown these days?? :)

I'm so excited about this wonderful warm and sunny weather too!! Our time out doors has been wonderful - and much needed!

A bit jealous your being able to enjoy hubby for 5 days in a row!! WOW!

Excited about making plans with you soon Amanda!!

Nancy M. said...

Wow! Baby time is almost here! Looks like it was a great week! Beautiful pics!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Oh my goodness, they are growing up so fast. How cute are all those curls Kate has? Oh my goodness, I just want to run my fingers through them, adorable!!

Looks like you guys had a great week, I'm so happy you had fun celebrating and just enjoying time together as a family!

We really do need to get together again sometime soon. Miss you girl!

creative gal said...

Way too cute!!!

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

I always manage to leave with smiles beaming! What a lovely week you all are having and with your hubby off for five days! Woow!!! ANd happy bday to him. you're girls are getting so big and I am getting so excited to meet this little babe I can't believe only 15 more weeks! Praying that you get lots of rest momma!