Saturday, May 30, 2009

take a peek....

here is a sneak peek of how the new nursery is shaping up! hard to believe there will be a little one to fill it in less than three months!

when we moved the girls to the same room, we decided (for our own sanity!) to keep kate in her crib and simply borrow a second crib for a bit. we also decided to put the girls in the curious george room...which had formerly functioned as our nursery. i initially planned to simply use the crib bumpers, skirt, and curtains from the "old" the bright primary colors would work just fine with the bright yellow walls in the new nursery...and, i figured kate's crib could go skirtless without a problem. until this morning...i had a wee bit of time to kill before heading to a baby shower....and i stumbled across this.... was marked at the low price of $10...and i thought that just included the "bedding" portion...but the lady quickly informed me that it also included the lamp, bookends, mobile, etc. i stood for a few minutes, looking through it, checking for damage, contemplating how it would look with the yellow walls, and whether it was gender neutral enough. apparently the lady thought i was contemplating the price...because she quickly said, "i'll tell you what...$5 and its yours." at which point, i replied..."SOLD!"

as i gathered up the "goods" i quickly realized that it also include the quilted wall-hanging, window valance, cutey clips for hanging the valance, and on an one fell swoop of $5 i decorated the entire nursery! not only that, but we had decided to go with an elephant theme of sorts for this baby. (if you've been around long you probably realize elizabeth is our monkey...kate is our alligator...and so baby 3 was to be inundated with i simply adore that elephants are one of the prominent animals in the set (which is from the carters john lennon line from a few years back).

...and i just adore these sweet little bookends...and i am envisioning them sitting next to the lamp on the baby's dresser...kind of makes me want to set it up right now...except for the minor detail of the small disaster we need to organize in the nursery and office before continually on the nursery set-up. :)

once the baby arrives, i am thinking i would like to do some cute letters for his/her name on the wall over the crib (we do have names picked out...we're just keeping them a secret until the baby shows up...just call us old fashioned...we don't find out gender AND we don't give away names...we're the kind of people that drive me nuts!)...and then have the wall hanging on another wall. since we have become quite fond of having our glider rocker downstairs (it used to be in the nursery), i will be stripping down and painting my parent's old boston rocker (i'm thinking of using a light sage green color like the crib skirt). the only thing left to take care of is a dresser....and voila, we will have a nursery up and ready! :)

and friends...while i simply adored the curious george murals (painted by my sister) and nursery...i am quite excited about having something new (to us) and different for this baby. it is quite satisfying for my nesting instinct, since we really don't need much of big this has really gotten me excited and planning, thinking, and dreaming about this wee one. well, and it was exciting that this (in the chocolate brown color) arrived in the mail yesterday...compliments of a great sale price at babies-r-us, a gift card, and free shipping!

i do have some little sewing projects and little "wants" for the baby...mostly handmade things...but not much else that really needs to be done....except digging into the organizing and rearranging. and that will have to wait a couple more weeks, as right now we are in the midst of another couple of i type mike is working to get our new water softener installed (hopefully making cleaning easier...our hard water is a KILLER on sinks and toilets and showers...ugh!)...we're putting some finishing touches on the gardens...and mike has a few more projects up his sleeve. i'm thinking getting as many projects done as possible before becoming a family of 5 is a great thing....since our project-ing time is prone to be a bit limited next year. :)


Rebecca said...

WOW, what an awesome deal!! and such a cute print/design. love it! can't wait for your new baby :).

creative gal said...

I love it!! :o) Too cute!! Great deal, too!! I would have said, SOLD as well! :o) Can't wait to meet this little one on your blog!

Nancy M. said...

That is adorable! You got it for a steal! The baby's room is going to be really special!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Aww! I love it! I can't believe what a great deal you got! $5 for an entire nursery all decorated SO cute! I love those book ends.

So exciting!