Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ten smile wednesday

i was dreaming of snuggling up under some warm blankets and snoozing away on this rainy afternoon...but since a certain four year old (not to name any names) decided going peacefully and quickly into rest time wasn't her cup-o-tea this afternoon that plan went out the window. so, instead, i'll take these last 15 minutes before miss jillian wakes up and hopefully finish "smiling". as a note, that certain little four year old is now resting quietly...and this mama is thankful she took the time needed and used the experience as a teachable moment...but, wow, nothing wears out an already worn out mama more than the defiant will of a four year old...can i get some amens ('cause i know MANY of you reading this are right there with me...or will be soon enough!)!? are some smiles!

1. this morning jillian smiled for the first time...HUGE and intentional and right at her mama! can't beat that! she's had a few little maybe-smiles in the past week, but i'm counting this as the first REAL one. and, oh my, it was gorgeous. i simply basked in the beauty of no pictures, but perhaps soon!

2. a fabulously fun family photo shoot at the park yesterday afternoon. a friend from church was our photographer, and she was wonderful (if you live in indy and need a photographer i would highly recommend her!). kate and elizabeth smiled and giggled and cooperated...the park had several scenic opportunities for pics...jillian cooperated. how fabulous to be able to say we not only got pictures but had a blast. can't wait to share some of our favorites in a couple of weeks!

3. a bathed beauty...who incidentally is now seven weeks old. (and these were actually taken on the day she hit that marker). as a sidenote...she is changing more and more everyday...and i honestly have no clue who i think she looks like/takes after now...she looked like my baby pictures as a newborn and yet also had a strong hint of elizabeth's baby pics...and now she has taken on a look all her own....a very precious look though...if i do say so myself!

the lighting isn't great...but i just really like this pic for some reason...she is waking up and so much more aware every day...i need to get on our desktop computer and find the pictures of kate and elizabeth wearing this same outfit, posed in the same way around this age....maybe then we'll see some resemblances...and actually, i think looking at this particular shot she might just be a spitting image of elizabeth. but looking at the bathtime ones above she looks so different.

5. the blessing of friends...who are really more like family. jill, nathan and brennan came to celebrate elizabeth's birthday with us. have i mentioned lately what a blessing this sweet girlie pictured below is...if not, i said it now. and do you see the fabulous moby wrap she made for me...both jillian and i are definitely enjoying far my favorite baby carrier i've owned!

6. beads and markers and all other things entertaining. i'm enjoying that kate is getting old enough to participate in craftiness with elizabeth and me. she definitely enjoyed stringing beads...for awhile...then she got a spoon out and pretended to eat them...whatever floats her boat.

7. "squeaks"...aka kates new shoes. they just so happen to "squeak" when shes walks...which is cute and also a wee bit annoying in the wrong sistuation or place....BUT they also were almost half the price of the other option kate's extra wide feet. and, seriously, she loves them...and really, you can only own and wear shoes that squeak when you are you might as well live it up! not only that, but we were also able to pick up the next size up tennis shoes for later this winter on the clearance table....woo-hoo! gotta love a good deal on shoes...especially when our only real option for kate is pricey stride rite (which are so cute...but really, so pricey!)

8. our four year old...who just so happened to celebrate her birthday last thursday...with a bug cake, her honorary aunt, uncle and cousin (aka....jill, nathan, and brennan), pizza, and a couple presents. click here to see a more complete run-down of her big day!

9. our MOPS fall cookout...roasting hotdogs over the fire, pumpkin painting, lots of good eats and good fellowship...capped off with tasty smores (or perhaps cheetos...because that just might be what i had for dessert (i'm just sayin'...maybe...)....good times, good times! by the way, elizabeth was SO into pumpkin painting, but the picture of kate was better...seriously, i think libbers could have painted her pumpkin ALL day!

10. this probably should go with the beads and markers smile...but i don't feel like dragging the pictures up here it is...painting with water. my sweet friend cortney sent a package that included some of these fabulous books for libs and katers...and oh how they are enjoying them. as for jillian, well, she is enjoying watching... :)

11. and i could go on and on...godly counsel from godly women who are willing to take time out to love younger women, a baby who is consistently sleeping 6 or 7 hour stretches at night and settling into a bit of a routine, a date night with my hubby, a great flock group from church, dinner with one of our flock group families...and so many more.


Rebecca said...

the girls are so beautiful. i can hardly believe jillian is 7 weeks old already!! love all the pics. great smiles. and yes, i can definitely relate to the defiant child thing. oh my, can i!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I'm thinking the same thing as Rebecca...7 weeks? What the heck, that is crazy how time has flown!

I'm glad you guys have so much to smile about lately, that is always so wonderful to hear and inspirational to look for the small things that make you smile throughout the day.

By the way, Anna has a pair of those squeaking shoes too, not feeling so brave to put them on her. I'm glad you can smile at that, I am not so sure I can. LOL

By the way, both of my girls have wide width too so I am very familiar with the whole stride rite shenanigans. I will say their shoes are really made better and last longer though. Oh, and you can sometimes find them for pretty reasonable at Marshalls.

Nancy M. said...

Great smiles! You have the most beautiful girls!

Marla Taviano said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Amanda! It was nice meeting you today!! You guys have an awesome MOPS group!

Jamie said...

Love those first smiles! What a precious moment!