Friday, October 2, 2009

status updates...

consider this a list of the status updates on my mind...

Amanda is...

...hankering for taco soup and cornbread, and thankful her hubby is picking up the necessary fixins' so we can eat for dinner on a rainy, chilly autumn day tomorrow.

...thinking apple crisp might be the perfect "finisher" for the taco soup and cornbread meal.

...excited that kate had at least one potty success on day one of potty training.

...enjoying some super flavorful spiced pumpkin bread.

...thankful that jillian is such a fabulous sleeper.

...looking forward to getting her hair chopped tomorrow (and the few hours of being completely without children while that happens).

...encouraged and re-energized when it comes to discipline after reading just a few snippets of "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman...a great book for all you mommies out there.

...watching Elizabeth and Kate giggle and color.

...counting the minutes until my best friend walks through the door...and looking forward to a date night in with movie, snuggling on the couch, and a big bowl of popcorn...

...having stromboli for dinner...thanks Carrie!

...remembering this time a year ago....celebrating the baby we won't know until heaven...resting in the knowledge that God is STILL good...balancing the sadness of remembering our loss with rejoicing over the life of our beautiful jillian....well aware that without the loss of one baby we wouldn't have met the midst of an interesting bittersweetness...remembering having my mom here while i was on bedrest and having a front row seat for kate's first steps...amazed that another year has gone by and my "baby" is going to be another year older this week...four years, oh my! you can remember last year with us at the link above or here and here.

...amazed by how much the girls' hair has grown since this time last year after looking at the pics in the posts mentioned above...kate didn't even have curls yet!

...overwhelmed by God's grace and love...deeper, wider, and more immeasurable than i could ever fathom or comprehend.


Dawna said...

Sweet friend, what a full year you've had. Full of sorrow, full of joy, full of praise. You are an inspiration to me, always praising God in the midst of everything! Your posts are always so beautiful and thought-provoking. Thank you for sharing with us! Many hugs to you... and counting the weeks until I can hug you in person!!

Rebecca said...

good thoughts, friend.
my oh my have your girls grown! it's amazing how different they are now from just a year ago.
and oh how i know how you are feeling...i was just thinking of the baby we lost...s/he would have been a year old next month. crazy.
so hard to believe libs will be four (and leila will be 2!). i think we started talking when libs was about a year old? wow!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

"...overwhelmed by God's grace and love...deeper, wider, and more immeasurable than i could ever fathom or comprehend".

So true Amanda, This was just beautifully put. I know the delicate balance of grief mixed with hope and joy. Thinking of you as you experience just that.