Thursday, August 19, 2010


while she has been standing up on her own and balancing in the middle of the room for quite some time now, jilly finally decided to venture out and walk! we think she is pretty precious! her first attempts were pretty stumbling, but as you can see from the second video, she has advanced quite quickly. i consider that an especially good thing...since, in other "milestones", she also wanted to announce to you all that she is going to be a big sister in about six months. :)
**and that news right there is why you simply must forgive me for my lack of posts in the past few weeks!

p.s. i will be really sad when my sweet girl outgrows these shoes (which is probably quite soon...)...i know, i know...they are just shoes, but still...i wish my feet looked that "cute" in shoes (or ever, really!).

of course, with the minefield of toys she has had her share of spills...but she is pretty stinkin' resilient. and, shhh...don't tell her i said so, but the tears are kinda sweet (only because we don't see them too often)


Rebecca said...

oh so fun!! she looks adorable walking. and those little shoes are so cute!

Shelley Fuge said...

you're pregnant??? Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

It just all happens so fast! Weren't we just at a Panera wondering what the gender of our yet unborn babes would be?? Dreaming and loving... My my, how much has happened since then.

Wow is she sweet Amanda!!

Carrie said...

Hooray for walking!!! Soooooo cute! And congrats, again, on the new addition to your family :)

Noah and Ryders Mommy said...

Jilly is soooo adorable!! Your girls are just so gorgeous, Amanda! And I have been thinking and praying for you and that sweet baby of yours and hoping this pregnancy has been treating you well and leaving you rested!

love you sweet friend!