Friday, August 6, 2010


happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to you...

happy birthday....

dear kater gator...

happy birthday to you!

my dearest kate,

how in the world did that happen?
you have come a long way since your second birthday....

hard to believe, but last year you were barely talking...
this year we are constantly entertained by your chattering.

last year you slept in a crib...
this year you sleep in your big girl bunk beds with sissy.

last year diapers...
this year big girl undies.

but those things aren't really the "big" things about the year.
you are.
my beautiful
strong willed
pajama pant lovin' ( would wear PJ pants every day...everywhere...all.the.time)
song singin'
blue eyed
blankie lovin'
thumb sucking
big hearted
circle spinning

kate, you amaze me. you are an invaluable treasure to our family. Jesus has granted you a measure of zest for life that is incredible...a passion that can sometimes be a bit exhausting to your mama...but a passion that can bring Jesus amazing amounts of glory as you surrender it to Him. baby girl, i'm not going to lie...some days that passion is really hard for mama...the dramatics and emotions...the trying to understand all that is inside of that brilliant three year old brain. i pray that someday you will read this...that someday you will have a three year old of your own...that you could have hope from reading this...that you would no that no matter how hard some moments are, the bottom line is that I LOVE YOU. did you hear it, because i do; i love you. God's work is amazing...all of the fibers of your being that He knit together...and sweet girl, He has all the days of your life planned...He KNOWS you. most importantly, He loves you...sweet girl, may you never ever, ever, ever forget the startling and real truth contained in the words we sing every single night. "Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so." let that truth be your foundation, kate. there is no greater gift i could give you for your birthday. may you learn and know and walk in that truth all the days of your life.

so today, baby girl (because you will ALWAYS be one of my "baby" girls no matter how big you are), we celebrate you.

i love you.


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh how I love this. Really alot. Especially knowing some of the challenges you have faced mommy-ing this precious passionate one. :)

Rebecca said...

a beautiful post..a beautiful girl. happy birthday dear kate!

Cottage Mommy said...

This is really a wonderful birthday wish for your dear sweet little girl! She is a beauty...those curls, oh, those curls! You have a beautiful heart Amanda..what a blessed family you have to get you as their Mama!

kt mac said...

Happy 3 years!!??
Kate :)

This was a beautiful post Amanda I hope you guys had such a wonderful time celebrating together :)

Wahzat Gayle said...

Hi Amanda
it has been forever since I visited your site last..may have been since you were at msn.
You have three girls now that is wonderful and the second is three (oh you were pregnant with her the last time I read you!)I have added twin girls to my family last year as well
Good to see that God's blessings have been abundant.
Keep good
Gayle of

Wahzat Gayle said...

by the way this is a beautiful post
lovely lovely lovely

Nancy M. said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!! I hope she had as much fun at her party as Hunter did at his!