Wednesday, September 29, 2010

err...what happened to tuesday?!

seriously...does anyone know what happened to tuesday? one minute it was here, and then in a flash it was apparently this is "ten smile wednesday"...although since i am blogging so infrequently (i'd like to say that will change soon, but in reality...well, once a week might be an ambitious blogging goal at this point!).

1. i spent the weekend at True Woman ' was amazing. incredible speakers, great fellowship with friends, a break from the norm. wow....i can't even begin to scrape the surface of what the Lord was revealing in my heart...i think i'm still doing a lot of process. mostly i was reminded of the importance of being a Biblical woman...the importance of home....the lies of "feminism"...the importance of loving my husband and children...where my priorities should be....and i could go on and on...

2. did i mention that my husband booked my friend kim and me a hotel room at the last minute...he found a great deal through priceline's name your own price feature, and no joke, we couldn't have possibly been any closer to the conference...right across the street from the conference center via skywalk. it was lovely!

3. we also managed to find sometime during the one long break to do a bit of shopping...5 ladies...some scarf purchasing...lots of browsing and laughing...capped off with dinner at old spaghetti factory with conversation of how we met our husbands, engagement stories, etc...lots of fun!

4. also at the conference i was introduced to the gorgeous music of Keith and Kristyn Getty. it is beautiful and full of really should check them out...their pandora station is fabulous!

5. spending my mondays with this waffle-eating smiley girl while the big girls are at "school"....and getting to hear kate and elizabeth share about their adventures when i pick them up!

6. sights like this...what?! you mean buzz lightyear doesn't usually wear a tutu...don't you dare tell elizabeth...who is turning more and more "girlie" by the day!

7. all the helpers...daddy was hanging curtains in the front room (YAY!)...he had LOTS of supervision!

8. being upside down...i mean, really, could anything be more exciting than that?

9. lots of silly singing...

the start of "Jesus Loves Me"

and after scooting around getting situated, she picked up where she left off and finished her song.

this one takes me back to my time at church growing that she is SO serious and focused while singing! :)

10. sweet Sunday school stories...and lamb ears...i mean, really, who can resist lamb ears! :)

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Rebecca said...

oh your girls are so darn precious!! so glad to hear all the smiles, amanda. i've been thinking of and praying for you, friend. i will have to check out the getty music. sounds like your conference was really good. i'm glad for you.