Friday, October 8, 2010


the happiest of birthdays to you libber-girl!

there is so, so much i could say, but for now i will leave it with this. you are such a treasure, and we love you!


Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Amanda, she is so beautiful! These pictures capture her wonderfully! I love them.
Happiest of birthdays to a sweet girl. I love age five!!

Chelle said...

Happy, happy birthday to the sweet + lovely new five year old in your house today...and have the best birthday celebration ever!

Aminta said...

Oh wow! Crazy crazy how time flies! She is so beautiful, and that hair cut! Wow! Momma, I really love it.
Happy birthday dear Libs! Hugs and loves from way over on the other side..... of the states. :) Hug your momma for me too!!!
Manda.... Love you! And craving a coffee with you too!
Enjoy Autumn, before it is covered in snow.
X's and O's,

Nikki said...

Elizabeth is so beautiful and poised for one so young--er, old, I guess! ;-) Happy Birthday, miss! I love reading your words about your firstborn and the details of her's so clear that she holds a very special place in your heart, and that you love her to pieces. BTW that cake is amazing! Did you make it?