Thursday, November 4, 2010


last night my husband walked in the door for dinner and found three bathed and already jammied up girlies. his first question was whether i was going anywhere he had forgotten about that evening...when i said, "nope, just bathed 'em early because it worked", he smiled and said, "would you like to get out a bit?" ummm...yes! so i headed to joann fabric with the mission of getting some yarn to start knitting a boyish little hat for the baby BOY. as you can see from the picture below, i bought a little more than yarn. :) what can i say...i couldn't resist the 50% off sale on flannels (especially since many of my choices were an extra 50% off the sale price because they were just shy of a yard and therefore considered remnants!)...after all, we're going we're going to need some blue around this house in the way of receiving blankets, etc. my plan is to use the orange, navy, and teal dino print flannel paired with the yummy orange minky-ish fabric for his special blankie. the other flannels will be serged around the edges to use as receiving/swaddle blankets. i did manage to pick up some yarn as well (and the cutest PUL for wetbags for the cloth diaps--a soft green with adorable monkeys!). now if i can just find some time for crafting. :)

in other news yesterday elizabeth said to me with a very serious expression, "mommy, i KNOW what we should name our baby brother. it is the perfect name. scooby-doo." yep. scooby-doo...this morning at MOPS she proceeded to tell one of the mentor moms, "yep, i'm going to have a baby brother, and we're naming him scooby-doo." umm...maybe (not). :)

and just one more random tidbit...this one about pregnant me. (because, you know, i would NEVER do something like this if i wasn't pregnant...(ahem). this morning at MOPS they had a giveaway....the two winners each received a giftcard for a free burrito at chipotle. i won. i know, you are dying to know how i managed to win. well, my friends, it was one of those "stay standing if..." contests. the first question...stay standing if you have eaten more than 10 pieces of your child's halloween candy. i mean, really, 10 pieces...halloween was 5 days ago (and besides, we received our first taste of candy on friday that was a whole 7ish days ago!) 10 pieces, that wasn't hard. most people were still standing. there were a few more questions to narrow things down, but the winning question to narrow out the pack, "stay standing if you ate any of your child's halloween candy this morning before coming to MOPS..." umm...yeah, MOPS starts at 9:30 in the morning people...9:30 in the morning and i had already snuck two of those mini snickers...secretly i'm kinda thankful for those suckers...after all, hubby and i will enjoy the free burrito on an upcoming date night. now to go hide the girls' candy...from myself! :) (and i would like to think that lots of those mamas who had already sit down had also indulged in a nugget or two of candy before MOPS as well....) :) at least this year i can "blame it on the baby".

although, this time around i am not actually craving sugar or sweet items all that much (in all honesty it hasn't been too hard to lay off halloween treats--and i said "lay off" not avoid completely--i'm only human!). actually, with this little man i am craving FRUIT...specifically fruit smoothies...a banana plus a combo of frozen blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and pineapples depending on the day, plus a splash of milk...YUM! in other differences, i was sicker at first during this pregnancy, but the past couple of months i have moved past that and it was only a week ago that the first signs of heartburn started rearing their head (by 16 weeks i was feeling full-fledged heartburn and indigestion with the girls). and in other news, as a few of the sweet mamas at my MOPS table pointed out this morning (sweetly and excitedly, of course), i have really "popped" since two weeks ago. yes, my friends, there is no hiding the fact that i am pregnant anymore...and no hopes of wearing non-maternity clothes (i'm so thankful to sweet friends who loaned out winter-ish shirts so i didn't have to spend a fortune on winter maternity gear--a new season for me to experience pregnancy)...every once in awhile i look in the mirror and think, "whoa...i'm really pregnant". also in the past two or three weeks i've started feeling this little guys movements like crazy (one of my favorite things about pregnancy!)...and, let me tell you, he loves to move!

and that, my friends, is the bit of randomness inside my brain this to do some cleaning up before the girls rouse from room/rest time. tonight is date night...sweet, blessed, blissful date night...i can't wait! :)


Rebecca said...

oh how fun to be preparing for a boy. and what a sweet hubby mike is for giving you a little time away.

love that you were eating candy this morning...i was, too. and i don't have pregnancy or a stash of halloween candy sitting around to blame, lol!

i love all the fun fabrics. i really miss living near a joanns...or any time of fabric/craft store.

the baby moving is my favorite part of pregnancy as well. what a blessing!

Jamie said...

I totally would have given you a run in that contest this morning. I can't keep my hands off the banana laffy taffy. :)
Cute fabric!

JODI said...

haha! what boy doesn't thrash around in the womb! they come out moving!!! :) congrats on the boy!!! love you!!

Nikki said...

Amanda, I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am for you and Mike to be welcoming a little boy into your family!!! I am so, so, so thrilled for you guys...and I can't wait to hear the names you come up with (besides Scooby-Doo, that is)! xo

Amelia said...

My mom used the same train fabric for Bertons room in her house. I'm so excited you're having a boy! When I found out Berton was a boy I thought to myself "what am I going to do with a boy?" But oh he's so cute and so much fun! *Saying a prayer for your little family!

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Scooby-Doo!!! I love it. :) Jacob was advocating for "Belly Button" when I was prego with Kai. ;)

I may have already said this... but I am unbelievably excited that you are having a boy.

Jennifer Hess said...

I started MOPS this year and really love it!! I know you've talked about it before, so that helped get me motivated to start! Also, we had too many receiving blankets, so I turned them into diaper wipes and so we only have to use the store kind when we travel- saves lots of money. Just FYI if you get more cheap fabric. Love that you're getting to do "boy stuff" now!! :)