Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"trying to catch up" smile tuesday :)

i'd love to pretend i had time to tell you all kinds of fun things we've been doing. i don't. truth is i want to get some pics posted, but i also really want a nap. so that is what i'm going to do...quick captions...and then get some sleep and hope to kick this sickness once and for all (i'm on day 17 of a nasty, nasty sore throat--and a cold the past few days as well)...must get well!

i think this was jilly's first taste of pudding ever...she liked it :)

my little luke man...

today we are in the midst of pajama day...which has also been a morning of many pictures...so here goes...

(he did flash me a big grin at lunchtime...but he isn't smiling regularly yet...and i definitely haven't caught it on camera...he only smiles for one face currently ;-) )

she was so proud to be "holding" him...note me holding her, holding him :) jilly is so much more "into" luke in the past couple of weeks...and into helping me with luke.

sweet big sister lovins

libs took this one...i love it!

all my "ducks" in a row...

today was his first bath where he didn't cry the whole time...he does look a bit suspicious though!

this was taken last friday...at six weeks old...where in the world have six weeks gone?! he is busting the seams on his 0-3 month outfits, fits very well lengthwise into 3-6 month, and is just so stinkin' cute i want to eat him up! and he is regularly sleeping 8-8+ hour stretches at night...now if i could just get healthy and do the same ;-)

saturday evening we enjoyed a free family night at the barn...so much fun...and lots of our favorite friends were there to share in the fun with us

elizabeth, kate, aiden, and caleb (elias is hiding in this pic and jilly wasn't on this hayride)(their "boy"friends--sounds hilarious when elizabeth says they are her boyfriends...because she totally has no clue what she is saying!)...these are some of our closest buddies...and they really act more like cousins or siblings than friends...sometimes good, sometimes no so good. :) their mom, my friend holly, is due with #4 any moment now (literally!)...can't wait to see if luke is getting a boy buddy or a "girl"friend.

elizabeth (5 1/2), aiden (almost 6), caleb (4 1/2), and elias (almost 3)--add in kate at 3 1/2, jilly at 19 mo, luke at 6 weeks, and their baby #4 due any day and they are quite the crew! :)

jilly loved the mini-horses...

...and the dirt...errr mud (thanks to the morning storms) piles were quite the hit

uncle nathan helps the kiddos (emmett, kate, brennan, and libs) feed hay to the horses

uncle nathan helped kate find her bravery

luke slept most of the time away...notice the kids' shirts...luke's has a lion, elizabeth's has a monkey, kate's has a gator, and jilly's has an elephant...sweet and crafty (amazing) jill made those for them...love it!

kate and daddy...showing off her george face painting!

and finally....here is our budding baseball superstar...ha! aunt shell, maybe she'll take after you on the t-ball field as well! :)


Cottage Mommy said...

Fun pictures! So sorry you have been down in the dumps sickie wise....that is just yuck all around. Your little Luke man is just adorable!

Rebecca said...

you've been having some good times, i see! i hope you are starting to feel better. enjoyed all the pictures. luke looks so much like jillian did in the sidebar picture of her!!
been praying for you!

Nikki said...

Love this glimpse into your life! Luke is reminding me so much of Jilly in these pics. Love the one of all four kids lined up on the floor--you have some SERIOUSLY cute kids, lady!

Nikki said...

they are so cute :)

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Aminta said...

Oh my gosh are they cute together! I LOVE all of the photos!!!!
Boy does EVERYONE know about sickies! Nelson is home from school today because of a cold. Sure he could go, but better to get over it quick and stay home!
Love ya Amanda!!
P.S. That little Luke man is so CHUBBY! I love little butter balls! Kisses for all of them from me!