Friday, May 6, 2011


it has been, seriously too long. i can't believe i last blogged april 12th...really?! luke is now 10 weeks old (WHAT!?!?). i've recovered from my nearly 4 week bout with a sore throat (we landed on the solution randomly...actually through my wise aunt via was acid reflux...oddly enough). we enjoyed a low-key Easter, a trip to fort wayne the week after Easter, my birthday, and on and just keeps moving! :) here are some snippets from the past month!

today we took our first zoo trip of the summer. we joined some of our favorite friends, and we had a blast (in spite of the fact that the zoo was an ABSOLUTE zoo!).

here is luke taking it all in...

have you ever wondered how many girls can fit in a sit and stand stroller? apparently one nearly 3 year old, a nearly 4 year old, and two 5 year olds (and one sweet 7 year old to help push!)....and then, see how our family "rolls" on the way to the van after an exciting time (mr. luke is hanging with mommy in the moby!).

we've also been just plain silly...we've spent lots of time stuck inside with rainy weather and not-so-springlike temps...but hopefully spring is here to stay! the girls have been super busy pretending and imagining...(a beautiful thing when they are having FUN, but i must admit, it also comes with more "power" struggles and squabbles as well!).

kate likes to spend time writing all kinds of words...she seriously LOVES making lists...loves it! (good thing "bab" made this family list!)

...and someone has been busy growing like a weed! he was 13 lbs. 8 1/2 oz. and 24 3/4 inches long at his 2 month appt. he loves to smile and coo and chat, and is seriously the most lowkey baby...taking in all that is constantly going on around him. he has blessed his mama by sleeping through the night for 12 hours off and on since around 7 weeks (and every single night for the past week!). he also likes to take at least two 2 1/2 hour naps and a short evening nap every day. what a great blessing!

the week after Easter i took the kids and headed up to my parents. it was a shortish visit, but lots of fun! we enjoyed some time outside whenever the rain would decide to stop intermittently. we visited with grandmommy and poppy, GG, and even got to see great grandpa and great grandma Ethel, and great grandma j.

poppy and luke and GG and luke

great grandma j and luke

great grandpa and great grandma Ethel

and here is Easter...

we enjoyed a leisurely Easter Sunday. early service, then some tasty bagels afterward...afternoon naps, and then some pizza, guacamole, texas caviar, and great fellowship with friends that evening...with a fun indoor egg hunt as well!

mike's parents came to visit the Saturday after Easter...jillian thoroughly enjoyed the Crayola color bubbles grandma brought! thank heavens for non-toxic! she isn't one to put things in her mouth too much...unless it is liquid apparently (because she did the same with the paint for the you'll see!).

and we did color some eggs...we discovered paas "color snaps" much fun!

and seriously, this sums up elizabeth lately...diva!

and so, so, so much more...many, many blessings...

--finding a front-back double stroller for $10 at a garage sale
--an entire summer wardrobe for luke NEXT summer for $5 at that same sale
--a sweet friend who let us pick through her boys 18 mo-3T boy clothes...resulting in nearly an entire wardrobe for our little man as he grows
--God's grace and mercy as Mike worked LOTS of overtime the past week or so...
--a dear friend who came and mowed, fertilized and trimmed our lawn in the midst of that overtime craziness...these friends also happen to have an even more newborn than luke of their generous!
--other friends who offered to watch all four of our children for free so mike and i could enjoy a much, much needed date night and have an early celebration of my birthday
--my birthday! it was honestly one of "those" days at home...but my hubby swooped in and helped redeem it...once the kiddos were all tucked in bed we enjoyed some tasty sushi...
--anticipating another surprise of some hubby was very secretive and told me, "don't look!" as he walked in the door just a few moments ago...home EARLY!!!...and stashed something in the fridge...hmmm.... :)

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Rebecca said...

i'm so happy to read your snippets. always love hearing about your days. the kiddos are getting so big. i'm so so glad you are feeling better and it turned out to be a simple solution. blessings to you, friend!