Thursday, May 26, 2011


today was rainy...but when rest time ended for the big girls and jilly and luke were still sound asleep, we decided to go puddle jumping. elizabeth loved the opportunity to wear her curious george rain jacket from grandmommy...and kate was quite excited to test out her dora umbrella. we did lots of splishing and splashing...and giggling and laughing!

the recent rain brought storms last night...they were bad enough that we decided to get everyone out of bed and hide out in our "safe room" under the steps. elizabeth was a bit grouchy from being woken up, but kate and jilly thought it was a fabulous adventure (getting to watch an episode of backyardigans on my iPod helped!). luke just wanted us to put him back to bed ;). (and yes...almost all those diaper boxes reaching to the back of the closet are boy clothes--95% of them have been given to us from sweet generous friends...what a blessing!)

and...just for fun...jilly LOVES sunglasses (makes me remember when libbers used to call them "eyes" back when she was jilly's age...eekkk!!! how did she get to be 5 1/2!!)

and here she biggest girl...doing 90% of the work to make enchiladas for dinner...opening the cans, dumping, stirring, filling tortillas....she was SO proud! and dinner was so yummy! i'm so proud of my libber-girl!


Rebecca said...

what a fun thing to do with the girls, amanda (puddle jumping). you really are a good mama. that pic of all of you under the stairs is cute...and of course i'm diggin' the wyoming shirt ;). i love that libbers made sweet and fun!
i'm still really hoping a trip out to michigan is in the plans for my summer...trying hard to keep some money aside for that.
blessings to you, friend!

Becky said...

Wow, I love that Elizabeth can already help so much with making a meal! That's so impressive :)

It's super nice to have this peek into someone else's home. It encourages me to do more with my own kiddos.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

Oh fun! You are such a fun mom {I know you have days when you don't like it... but you are!}.

I have definitely been thinking about you many times during the hustle and bustle of my days. During some of the chaos of littles running circles around me. I think of how hard it is and how blessed it is and how filled up my heart is. And I think of another mama - one state over - who is loving her heart out on many small people who God has gifted her with. :)

Nikki said...

Oh, puddle-jumping: one of my favorite things ever!! I remember one afternoon in college after I got home from class, there was a huge, sudden rainstorm, that left small rivers running down the street. I ran outside in my raincoat and bare feet and joined the little kids on our street, splashing through the "rivers." You're never too old for puddle-jumping. :-)