Monday, July 11, 2011

featuring luke

would you believe that our baby boy is already four months old (well, four and a half now!)?! not only that, but just the other day i realized a tooth had popped through his lower gum...and now a second tooth is following suit--i didn't even know he was teething (if that tells you anything about his laid back, happy demeanor!). this pics and the video are a pretty accurate portrayal of him...smiling, laughing, sleeping lots and lots. i am completely smitten. :)

hey there cute little fella

hand-eating is one of his favorite pasttimes (along with blanket eating!)

kate is especially fond of luke...she is so sweet to him :)

luke at four months and me around the same age...i see a lot of me in luke. and, yes, i see lots of jilly and some kate too...which makes sense...jilly is a little replica of my older sister, and i am starting to see many of my features in kate.

he also had his first taste of rice cereal...not so much yet. ha!

and this video...i just happen to think it is precious beyond words! but i do suppose i'm a bit biased! :)

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Nikki said...

The photo of Kate and Luke cheek-to-cheek is so precious!

Rebecca said...

oh he's getting so big. so precious. and he does look a lot like your baby fun! and i agree with nikki...that photo of kate and luke is super precious!