Monday, July 11, 2011

old school

these are terribly blurry...i took pictures of photos in a scrapbook with my iPod...but they are better than nothing. now that the kiddos are getting a bit older i am really starting to see how each has some of my features, etc. i think elizabeth still takes mostly after mike...but she does have a few of her aunt shell's expressions down pat...the smirk...the annoyed must be an oldest child thing. :)

me around 4 or 5 months--i see lots of luke in this pic (i have it side by side w/ a pic of him in the next post)

me around 4 or 5 years...i'm totally starting to see how kate has some of "me" in her (both personality and appearance)

my sister, michelle, at various ages...i think jillian looks SO much like her!

me 8 1/2 months, my sister 3 years...i'm imagining a pic of luke and jilly in another few months...well, except that luke won't be wearing a dress. :)

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Nikki said...

LOVE seeing these comparisons of kids' pics and photos of parents when they were babies. Sooo cute. :-)

Rebecca said...

so much fun to see these pictures...and wow does jilly look like your sister. so fun! and kate like you!