Wednesday, October 12, 2011

once upon a pumpkin!

{my very favorite pumpkins}

today we headed to the pumpkin patch.

we found a great little patch just north of town...a farmer's side business. they had fabulous pumpkins...we picked a big one for each kiddo (daddy is in charge of carving them with the kiddos!) and even brought home some yummy butternut and spaghetti squash AND some pie pumpkins...elizabeth has her heart set on making a pumpkin pie from scratch :)

"umm...what is this thing?"

"it's as big as me!"

"hmm...i pick THIS one!"

pumpkin outtakes after our evening walk...a walk full of crunching in fallen leaves, sitting on stumps, quacking at ducks, and otherwise savoring the fabulous autumn evening :)

i just can't quite get even of this squishable little pumpkin


Rebecca said...

oh how fun!! i wish we had a pumpkin patch nearby. and homemade pumpkin pie is the best! you are so great at including your kids in the kitchen!

leila and i made pumpkin bread today...although we used canned pumpkin.

Jennifer said...

I love all of your pictures--outtakes and all! It is so fun to see someone else try to get all their kids sitting and smiling. :)

Amanda said...

no worries rebecca...we just used canned pumpkin to make pumpkin cream cheese muffins! this will be my first attempt with a real pumpkin!