Wednesday, October 12, 2011


six years ago this little girl made me a mama...whoa! can that be.

elizabeth irene,

you are amazing.

honestly, i don't even know where to start.

in the past months you have blown my mind. you are reading everything in sight...picking up words that you've never seen before, reading every sign in sight, reading books to help your sister fall asleep, reading my e-mails over my shoulder (!). and you are writing and doing incredible things in math...who knew you'd be able to do simple algebra at age six! you have blown my expectations out of the water in the home-schooling realm. and, sweet girl, i am so incredibly thankful to have you still at home with us each and every day.

it is amazing, also, to watch you grow in your understanding of the world around you...and of hear you making observations and realizations about Him. oh how i pray that you will love Him all the days of your life...that you will follow Him and be His.

it has been such a delight to watch you and kate grow in your relationship...playing, imagining, pretending, creating. and you are such a helper when it comes to jilly and luke...God knew what He was doing when He made you the biggest of all the kiddos in our family. and it isn't just your relationship with your siblings...girlie, you are so blessed with amazing has been incredibly fun to watch you enter a new realm...the constant playdates without mom around phase...the phase where your social calendar is more full than mine ( that isn't hard these days!). how i pray that the Lord will bless you with close relationships with girls like this group for all of your days...girls that also love Jesus and delight in simple fun.

you still love anything creative (hmm...wonder where that comes from ;) ). tonight when i picked you up from the kidzone at the Y, you had 6 creative projects...painting, tissue paper, glue, glitter...the ladies laughed and said you'd been at the craft table the entire hour or more that i was gone. you draw and create endlessly...and it has been incredible to watch your skills grow. oh how i long for the day i can teach you to knit and to are going to love it, libber girl!

elizabeth, we love you so much. we are so incredibly proud of you! happy birthday...may this next year of your life be full of joy and discovery and love.

we celebrated our six year old with a massive party at the park on her birthday last saturday. she made a list of all the people she wanted to invite, we rented a shelter at our favorite park, bought a MASSIVE amount of hotdogs and cake...and voila...we actually invited her friends AND their families (since they are all families we know, love, and wish we could spend time with!). we ended up with over 50 people there...over half of whom were kiddos (what can i say...we have lots of friends with four kiddos!). it was an absolutely fabulous evening!

here is the birthday girl...the one thing she HAD to have for her party were it!

you know's not a party without crafts (even if there is a massive playground just feet've gotta have crafts!). you should have seen me trying to help way too many 6 and under kiddos make the crafts...thankfully some other mamas stepped in to assist! :)

the kids expended a ton of energy on the playground

CAKE!--this is maybe half of the kiddos...

elizabeth with three of her BFFs...ellie, riley and alli

all in all, we ended the night joyfully exhausted. God has blessed us with an amazing "family"!

*there are far more pictures to come in another sweet friend kim was kind enough to take tons of pictures...but i haven't yet gotten them from her...i, on the other hand, barely had time to reach for my camera!

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Rebecca said...

what a sweet girl you have.