Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas with mi familia :)

 We were privileged to spend some quality time with G.G., Grandmommy, Poppy, Aunt Shell, and Uncle Richard in mid-December.  They were all in town for my cousin Mike's as well as having some fun adult only time at the rehearsal dinner and wedding, we also were able to have family Christmas at our house Saturday morning.  What a blessing to have everyone together!
looking through photo books with Aunt Shell and Uncle Richard
 super thankful GG was able to be there with us
 Luke TOTALLY got the opening gifts things...loved his sweet excitement and enthusiasm
 Aunt Shell and Uncle Richard are kind of like rockstars
 checking out the presents under the tree
 everyone felt the need to help Luke open
 ...but he happily did it on his own--strip by pain-staking strip

 jilly loves the tool set too
 mugho the wonder present opener

 Poppy has a lot to teach Luke about building and constructing
 jilly thanking GG
 ...and Libber-lou opening her GG gift

 and Aunt Shell completely solidifies her place as coolest aunt little pony madness
 ...and then Grandmommy and Poppy score big points...LEGO friends!  isn't Kate's expression how enthusiastic and delighted she is

 jilly got this one opened and was so thrilled...she said, "MY own lego set FOR ME!"
 Kate loves to help Luke (even when he doesn't so much need help ;)
 building and snacking :)

 Uncle Richard (and Aunt Shell who had disappeared for the moment) were so patient in helping with lego building :)
 at the, mama, and Shell :)

 my papa and me
 dad and his daughters

 with GG

 my love and me :)

 all the cousins and GG

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