Saturday, December 1, 2012

decking the halls :)

 As has become tradition, we decked the halls the Saturday after Thanksgiving.
 Everyone was SUPER excited to see the tree come out of the box (I know, I know...someday when keeping all the people fed, clothed, and alive is not so much work we will have to do the whole go out and cut down our own tree thing...but for now, FAKE!)
 Luke boy and the tree
 Libbers helped mama string the lights
 Everyone helped with ornaments....even Mugho :)
 Luke is especially excited by the jingly bells :)
 Once the halls were decked, we had some sweet, dear friends over for for a post-turkey Mexican fiesta the next evening.  Here are Luke and Greta taste testing the tortillas mama and Aunt Jill were rolling out and cooking up.
 ...of course Uncle Nathan was acting as a jungle gym...Elizabeth was trying desperately to convince everyone she was not, in fact, Spiderman but rather "Shining Armor"...the prince from My Little Ponies :)

I am so thankful for memory making....even in the midst of chaos!

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