Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ten smile tuesday

it's been a "smile-ful" week...although, to be honest, i'm not certain where the week has gone. seriously, is it just me or is time moving WAY too quickly! before i know it, august and september will be here, and we'll be meeting our newest little yak....oh my! anyway...without further ado...here are some smiles from our week.

1. i love how much the girls LOVE our bed....and lately kate has been completely enthralled with snuggling down under the covers in "big beds" (ours or elizabeths)...for a minute it makes me think, "hmmm...perhaps she is ready for a big girl bed."....and then the moment passes, i think about my own sanity, and determine that since she isn't trying to get out of the crib, in it she shall say for the time being! :) i also love the qubo channel....especially on evenings when daddy is working late or project-ing....prego mama is completely wiped out....and it just isn't quite bedtime...and yes, that is exactly what elizabeth is so intently focused on in the picture below.

2. garage saling on a dreary thursday morning...and scoring some great deals (which you can see here if you haven't already read that post)

3. the voice of a triumphant, proud 3 1/2 year old shouting, "I'M DOING IT! I'M DOING IT!" while successfully booking down the sidewalk on her very first two-wheeler (well, four if you count the training wheels). she has mastered the art of pedaling, and we've enjoyed many a bike ride down to visit the ducks at the pond and then back around the cul-de-sac. my heart bursts with excitement and bittersweet emotion at how stinkin' big my "baby" is getting! kate also got a new bike in the garage saling fun....she is quite excited to be able to reach the pedals, and we find the handle quite convenient to help our daredevil with the steering process. (i love the way she looks like she just might ride right on into the pond in the pic below...seriously, that would SO be her personality...totally!)

elizabeth did promptly inform daddy that he was too big for her bike...and yes...it's me...i'm actually in one picture...notice my ever growing prego belly!

4. this mischevious, precious, stubborn/mind of her own sweet cherub...who has fallen completely in love with swinging like a big girl as opposed to in the "baby" swing. she would swing ALL day long, if only mommy and daddy had the patience to stand in the hot sun and push for as long as she could swing. i love the giggles of delight and HUGE grin that spreads across her face when she swings....priceless! my kate is getting too big...oh my...for some reason the second picture just makes her look like so much of a little girl as opposed to a baby...oh my, where have the past 22 months gone!
5. dreaming and planning and preparing for the baby's nursery....and the fabulous bargain i scored at a garage sale saturday...which i posted about (with pics) here

6. starting a knitting project. oh my, i haven't had a knitting project going for quite sometime, but after scoring the bargain nursery bedding and decor, i decided the baby needed a soft, hand-knit blanket to match. i'm using naturally caron yarn (for those fellow knitters who might be curious) in four colors--soft sunshine, green sheen, ocean spray, and naturally....and doing a simple (because simple is all my mind and attention span can handle these days!) block pattern. once the baby comes i will decide what color i want to whipstitch the blocks together in....pink or blue!

7. what better fun for kiddos than a big, empty box. mike and the girls decorated their "rocket ship" while i was at a baby shower saturday morning. the girls LOVED it!

8. and i loved what came out of that big ol' box....a water softener! and, i love my dear husband, who slaved over installing said water softener and paneling the garage wall all weekend. THANKS sweets!

9. summer dresses...i love getting the girls all ready for church on sunday mornings...and i especially loved the orange polka dress i bought for kate at a garage sale for just $1. elizabeth loved it too and was way disappointed that it was a bit too short for her...she did come around though and tell kate just how beautiful she looked in it. i love that the shots below capture my girls personalities so well...kate is a-rockin' away in the chair...spunky little monkey...and elizabeth, just chillin'...that is SO them!

10. a fabulous tuesday thus far...an OB appointment (sans the girls...the church nursery director, bless her heart, let me drop them off there an hour early for Bible study childcare!) and getting to hear that incredible sound of the baby's beating heart--LOVE IT!....a refreshing morning at Bible study....and enjoying some chat-time with a dear, dear friend while picnicking after Bible study (this time with the girls along for the fun!). i just might have tried to keep kate awake on the ride home by offering the occasional M&M...and well, from the picture below, you can see just how well that worked...see the chocolate running down her arm...yep...my sweet girl fell asleep mid-M&M...and, well, thats okay...because really, whats more precious than a gooey, chocolate covered sleeping babe in a carseat...especially since that particular cherub was still plenty sleepy and is napping as i type!

....and i can barely contain my excitement over whats coming this weekend...our first summer trip to the lake! hooray! so come back next week for lots of pictures of the girls splashing, swinging, and otherwise LOVIN' some time at the lake with grandmommy and poppy.

...not only that...but mike and i celebrate our 5th (wow!) anniversary on friday!


Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I was so happy to see a picture of YOU included in your post. :) You are so often behind the camera. :) As expected - you look beautiful! I just love the radiance of life blooming inside. :)

You are a busy mommy. :) I too have been loving the Qubo channel for tired mornings or evenings. :)

Oh - and I can really relate with the water softener making your day. We got our about 5 years ago and the difference it made was incredible! I'm very happy for you. :)

I feel like I say it all the time, but your girls are jsut beyond precious!!! :) Those curls are gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

oh such great smiles. you are looking fabulous, amanda! really! and i adore the picture of kate with the chocolate running down her arm. have fun at the lake!!

Lisa said...

finally, a picture of you - and you look amazing pregnant!!!!

another fantastic week full of smiles!!!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Can you believe it's been five years already? Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday...

Love the picture of Kate with the m and m's...have some of those myself. Only, Lilla isn't sleeping, that sugar gets her crazy!

Don't you just love a good garage sale, I do. It's so fun to find deals on the cheap. The polka dot dress is just too precious!

Have fun at the lake this weekend, we are headed to the dunes!

Cottage Mommy said...

Congrats on your four year anniversary! Going to the lake sounds like a fun way to celebrate it! Such cute pictures of the girls and one of you too...such fun to see your belly! Impressed at all you are doing but I guess now is the time to do it right? Have a great weekend!

Nancy M. said...

Great to see you in a picture for a change! You look so happy! I am glad you got your water softener installed. I have been wondering lately if I need one.

I hope y'all will have a great trip to the lake!

Happy Anniversary!!!