Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cinnamon chips and fruit salsa

okay...this is a sneak preview of one of my ten smiles for today. those will come later...after we spend the morning swimming and playing in the backyard! :) but these are SO good that i just have to share the recipe...and what better time for sharing than while the girlies are chowing down on their frosted mini-wheats and watching "curious george".

i had a version of this at a baby shower a couple weekends ago, and after enjoying it there i decided it would make a great snack for our fourth of july weekend at the lake. (and i was right!). i looked up recipes on allrecipes and then tweaked one to fit my tastes...and here is the tasty final result!

cinnamon tortilla chips

10 inch flour tortillas (i used 20 tortillas because i wanted to have plenty to share!)
"i can't believe its not butter" spray (or some other spray butter product)
cinnamon and sugar mixed (and poured into some kind of shaker so it is easy to sprinkle)
pam for greasing cookie sheet

preheat oven to 350
spray flour tortillas on both sides with butter spray. (i sprayed them and stacked them on a large cutting board). use a pizza cutter to slice the already sprayed tortillas into 8 wedges. place wedges on greased cookie sheet in a single layer (you will have multiple batches!) and sprinkle thoroughly with cinnamon sugar mixture (i just sprinkled the top side of the tortilla wedges...and this made them plenty sweet). bake for 9 minutes (or until they start getting crispy--they will get crispier as they cool so don't wait until they are brown!). let them cool thoroughly; then package in airtight container or ziploc bag.

fruit salsa

2 lbs. strawberries--washed and hulled
4 small kiwis--peel
1 pint red raspberries
2 large granny smith apples--peeled and cored
3-4 Tbsp. crushed pineapple--i bought canned
1-2 Tbsp. lemon juice
sugar to taste

dice/mince all fruit into tiny pieces. i used my food chopper, and it was quick and effortless. i made my fruit pieces quite small...but you could leave them larger if you prefer. place all fruit ingredients into a medium sized bowl (preferably one that has an airtight lid for storage if you won't be eating it all in one sitting!). stir in lemon juice (to help prevent apples from browning...although the strawberries and raspberries turn everything red anyway!) and add sugar to taste. i probably used 2 Tbsp of sugar for the entire batch...but it will depend on whether you like it on the tart or sweet side. ENJOY!

this stayed nice and fresh for a good 5 days (i just finished the rest of ours for lunch yesterday!)...and honestly, it got tastier each day...i would definitely recommend making it one day in advance and letting it sit in the fridge overnight to give the flavor a chance to "ripen".


Anonymous said...

Did you sprinkle cinn/sugar on both sides of the tortilla? Did you flip them over during baking? I thought there was sweet on both sides, but maybe I am mistaken. This IS VERY, very tasty and will definitely become a tradition here at Loon Lake!! Thanks for sharing. We sure had a great time, love when you come for the weekend! Love, Mom

kt mac said...

oh my that sound SO delightful!!
Am putting the recipe away for a rainy day :)
And spray butter - wow I have never heard of that - I wonder if we have it here too?!

Amanda said...

mom...i just sprinkled one side of the chips!

Rebecca said...

ooh, both those recipes sound delicious! thanks so much for sharing! looking forward to hearing about your weekend. :)