Friday, July 24, 2009

movin' on up....

can you guess what's causing this big ol' kater grin?

just where exactly is she?!

does this give you a better idea!?just chillin' in her bottom bunk...(and hopefully having a successful "trial run" naptime there!)

mike took his half day friday off today, and while mommy and the girls went to do a sewing project for MOPS (making next years baby gifts) daddy was able to finish up the final touches on bunk assembly. both girls were beyond thrilled...jumping, squealing, giggling, smiling ear to ear...upon discovering their fully assembled new bed. unfortunately, i didn't have my camera to catch that moment or the glimmer in their eyes (but honestly, that's okay...i won't forget...and i probably enjoyed seeing it more when i wasn't peering through the lens of the camera). but i did grab the camera and catch these shots of kate while daddy was reading elizabeth some stories and settling her into her "rest time bed" in the playroom. no worries...i will get some shots of elizabeth chillin' on her top bunk with the monkeys to share soon!

and to answer the question i know some of you may, we aren't set on the idea of kate officially moving to a big girl bed before the baby. we have already borrowed a second crib and truly had no intentions of moving her until it was absolutely necessary (ie...she was trying to crawl out of the crib--which she fortunately isn't)...but we decided we can start with naptimes, when she is in the room alone (or should i say, not influenced by her sister who has recently struggled with the concept of staying put in her bed....we're working on that one!) and see how it goes!


Rebecca said...

love the bunk bed! i want to get those for the girls.

and i am so not looking forward to moving leila out of the crib, but we'll be doing it when we move into our own place (out of necessity...she's not evening trying to get out of her crib yet...but nadia needs it). liberty is HORRIBLE about staying in bed and is always keeping leila awake..not fun! i can only imagine what it'll be like when leila can get out of bed, too.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

She looks SO happy!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

So cute! I plan on putting the girls in bunk beds when Anna gets out of the crib too. Lilla cannot wait...and geesh, that's like a year and a half away! Too sweet!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ooooh, that smile just says it all! Savannah came up beside me to look at her and she wanted to know who it was, and then kept repeating her name. We've GOT to get them all together to play sometime! :)