Saturday, July 18, 2009

unseasonably cool weather....

...makes for a lovely evening!

it was abnormally cool here in indiana 20 degrees cooler than not even 70 degrees. quite frankly, the kind of weather that makes me smile...the kind of weather that gives my swollen ankles a bit of a reprieve...the kind of weather that makes for LOTS of outside fun.

mike and the girls met grandma and grandpa (mike's parents) at the zoo this morning while i spent some relaxing time at home with my feet up. 33 weeks of pregnancy and lots of walking around the zoo aren't a great combo for me these days...not to mention i was already completely wiped out from my week of working VBS. but they had a fabulous time...and i enjoyed some nice silence and relaxation...and was plenty rested for an outing this evening. the weather was delightful...and it was the opening day of our county, off we headed!

we were a wee bit disappointed when we discovered that the animals hadn't yet gotten the memo that the fair was starting. i mean, seriously, the animal barns were empty...not a cow, chicken, sheep or pig in sight! we did eventually spy a few horses, and there was a dog show going on...but people, seriously, where were the animals!? but we made the best of it...a tasty once a year meal of fair food...and, of course, we all split an elephant ear and milkshake for dessert! and the girls really didn't need animals to make the evening a success. elizabeth was quite enthralled by the tractors (and the rides...and she did get to ride her first ever midway ride!)...and kate, well friends, kate loves hotdogs...scroll down and see for yourselves!

libbers tries out a tractor...she kept asking mike to start the "machines" and make them go!

and here's libs on the "super truck" midway ride...she was beyond thrilled to experience the privilege of sitting in this truck and chugging around the track...oh, the delight of an almost 4 year old!and here's kate...and her hotdog...
"i love hotdogs!"

"yes, i do!"

"i love hotdogs!"

"how 'bout you!?"


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I can't believe she eats it bun and all, Lilla only eats plain old dogs. Way to go Kate!

I'm surprised there were no animals either, not right. You'll have to return later. I'm looking forward to the state fair, only three more weeks!

Nancy M. said...

Cooler weather is nice, as long as it's still pretty outside. The fair sounded like fun! The girls look like they had a great time!

Rebecca said...

oh how i love time at home alone now and then! so glad you were able to relax for a bit. and your evening outing looks like so much fun! love the pictures. the girls are sooo cute!
liberty asked who libs and kate were and i told her and she said, "i want to go to their house."
uuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyzxcxvmbn,,.ju ue et (that's from libbs)

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

The fair is one of our favorite summer time activities as well! Our boys wouldn't have been to sad about the animals. They are so funny. They talk all eyar about going to the fair and seeing the cool animals, then we get there and they get all freaked out around them. :)

You are right - it sure hasn't felt like summer around here! It's crazy!

33 weeks already! Wow. Time is just flying by!!