Saturday, February 6, 2010

one fine saturday

this week has had its share of ups and downs...i had a post started about "overflow" in out of the overflow of the heart, a mouth speaks. it was a post about my own struggles with some moments i am totally living in His grace and the overflow of my life is peaceful and patient and beautiful...and how other days it is just plain ugly. to be honest, a lot of moments this week have felt more on the "ugly" side...but i am learning...and walking in His grace...and praying that i would grow just a wee bit more each day...realizing that this life isn't always about miraculous and instantaneous changes, but rather, it is a about learning and changing bit by bit, one step at a time.

and, oh my, God surely is so gracious to all of us, really. but honestly, i cannot remember a better Saturday with my sweet family in quite sometime.

we decided to brave the snowy roads to head to the Children's Museum to meet some friends for our friend carter's first birthday. it took a bit longer than normal to get there...but it was so worth it, as the museum was almost empty...AND it was the opening day for the "Bob the Builder" exhibit, which thrilled the girls!

elizabeth...making a face that really makes me think of my sister...but, actually, she is reminding me of my sister more and more everyday...especially with her new haircut!

honestly...kate might have had more fun than the rest of us combined...she used to be terrified of the carousel but definitely discovered how delightful it was during this trip...riding again, and again, and again!

and the sand...oh the sand...i think she could have stayed and played at the sand table all day long!

but what kate enjoyed most of all was this ball pump toy in the "bob the builder" section...seriously, she was all about showing the balls in...over and over and over and over...

our whole crew with "bob"...elizabeth was happy to shake bob's hand and give him five...kate, well, she admired from afar! :) (and jillian...well, she slept through meeting bob!--but she did continue her streak of blowing out diapers when we visit the museum!)

the girls with their crazy sunglasses from their goody bags (and elizabeth sportin' her builder hat)

and then we came home and kate put stinkies in the potty...which was a HUGE deal...because, seriously, yesterday i was this close to throwing in the towel on the whole potty training gig...she chose this gigantic coloring book as a "poopy prize" and got to stay up to do a bit of coloring after her sisters went down to rest...oh how delightful to hear her chattering away, uninterrupted by anyone else!

and we capped the day off by baking cut-out helmet and football cookies...and decorating them for our superbowl party tomorrow night. Go Colts!

and now...i need to stop blogging and hang out with my hubby dearest now that our sweet daughters are tucked away in bed!


Rebecca said...

that sounds like a wonderful day!! so thankful for God's grace!

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Yes, go colts! And, I made those same helmet shaped cookies tonight with Lilla. Funny!

Looks like you guys had a great time at the museum. I bet it was the best Saturday ever to go there! Fun!

Oh, and way to go Kate!!