Wednesday, February 24, 2010

{six months}

my jillian...sweet, sweet jilly-girl...happy half-birthday. it is a bit hard to imagine you are already halfway through your first year of life. and yet, it is hard to believe there was a time when you weren't here...when we were a family of four and not five. you are nestled so snugly into our hearts.

you have the sweetest truly are our little sugar baby. and your eyes...oh my, those sparkling, gorgeous blue eyes. you light up a light up our lives. after a long day yesterday daddy commented with dismay that he hadn't even gotten to see his jilly-girl...and that he absolutely missed your precious, quick grin...your innocent adoration.

at six months old, you....

...enjoy watching your sisters...giggling at them, pulling their hair, looking at them, smiling at them. and the adoration is mutual...jillian, your sisters absolutely adore you!

...sleep like a champion...through the night from 7:45 pm until 8 am....with a LONG (usually over 2 hours) nap in the morning, a LONG (again, usually over 2 hour) nap in the afternoon, and a cat-nap in the evening (typically during dinner...thank you very much!). did i mention that you apparently really like sleeping!?

...have been working on your two bottom teeth since just before Thanksgiving...its been almost 3 months...can you please pop them through!? the teeth have really plagued you in the past few weeks, making you a wee bit fussier and clingier than usual.

...are constantly chewing and drooling...

...have recently found the joy of sitting up unsupported, and you do it quite well.

...know how to roll over but are quite the "reluctant roller"...preferring to do it only when absolutely necessary (or accidental!).

...have tried rice cereal...but you truly weren't all that interested.

...giggle and smile and coo and blow raspberries.

...have discovered your feet...and are enamored with them.

...are able to slither and army crawl backward...and turn around 360 degrees like a clock on your back or your tummy...

...absolutely adore the jiggly elephant on your will pull his legs and jiggle him for entire car-rides.

...want to stand...and already like to take steps while holding onto mommy's fingers. you would much rather be upright than any other position.

...are amazing and gorgeous and delightful and magnificent. you are a gift, sweet girl.

...are loved beyond measure.


Rebecca said...

such a little beauty. hard to believe 6 months have gone by! i cannot believe how much she sleeps! tell her to pass along the love of sleep to my leila.

Anonymous said...

happy half birthday sweet jillian, grandmommy really misses you and needs a "girlie" fix very soon. think I will have to make a trip to your house when you and mommy return from seattle! love you so much! Grandmommy

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Oh how I wish I was going to be scooping her up and kissing her sweet cheeks with the rest of the gals in Seattle. I am just more determined than ever to work something out between our two families this summer! :)
Amanda, you are one blessed mama! your girls are so lovely.

Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

6 months just goes by so fast. Wow! Seems like just yesterday you were giving the news. As a matter of fact, it seems like just yesterday you were telling me you were NOT pregnant with Elizabeth. He, he! I knew different. :)

Hope your days are filled with smiles and sunshine!

Aminta said...

OOoh! And I get to see her! So soon!! I am praying that you two have an amazing flight and not too much jet lag. I SO look forward to meeting the both of you and am sad only by one thing..... that our families cannot be in on this. We will all miss our families we left behind to come and spend four days with some amazing friends.
Love you Amanda! And thank you fro always being the encouragement I need.

Nancy M. said...

What sweet pictures! Six months does fly way too fast! It doesn't even seem that long to me!

Cottage Mommy said...

She is such a little cutie! I can't believe I get to meet her and give her a little squeeze in less than a week! Doesn't the "baby year" go by fast? So sad to me because it is such a precious time....

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