Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ten smiles...

i'm pulling from the little bits of memory i have (i mean, seriously, is my mind ever coming back!?). :-) these are completely in random order...however the pictures appeared (or my memory functions!).

1. guess what i did this morning? yep...after tears from kate every morning when i try to come it and get it out of her eyes, tears when i was washing it this morning, and a continual realization of how cute and easy libbers new "do" is...i took it upon myself (i know, scary) to trim kate's hair. i figured it was fairly harmless with her curls...and i am diggin' the results...we have curls again. i think it was just getting too long and heavy to hold the curl. she was so excited...just a bit confused that she didn't get a balloon (like sissy did after she got her haircut the other week...perhaps mama needs to make a quick stop at the dollar store tonight!)

2. a bit of crafting...we sponge painted and made turtles...a good time filler while we waited for daddy to come home. we haven't done nearly enough projects lately, so it was good to do something different.

3. see this sweet little face...this is what we are seeing LOTS of lately...finger chewing...or chewing ANYTHING! she is working on her two bottom teeth, and oh my, they must (please Lord!) be close to popping through, because my typically endlessly happy little doll is soooo fussy. bless her little heart...BUT she did finally show off her skills and roll over by herself yesterday afternoon. we knew she could do it because from about 2 months on she continually did it at night in her crib...but she would not show us her skills. i was on the phone when she did it, and i audibly gasped with delight! the second pic is the smile she gives me whenever i get her up from naptime!

4. cheering for the home town...and, really, with cheerleaders like this, how can they lose! we're looking forward to watching the game with friends on sunday night!

5. practice at sitting by herself...and getting big WAY too quickly...don't you just want to eat her up!

6. meeting my best-est friend's new baby boy...emmett...who is soooo precious!

7. booking my ticket to fly to seattle next meet the most incredible group of lovely ladies ever! eeekkk!!!

8. an impromptu tutu and t-shirt making business. seriously, since the end of last week i have made and sold tons of tutus and t-shirts...a huge blessing, as the proceeds will be going toward my trip to washington. thanks to all you friends who bought a tutu and/or shirt! :)

9. a date night with my hubby...who was a trooper and took me shopping!

10. a fun play-date with some of the gals from my MOPS table

and i know there are more...but honestly, right now i am having some trouble remembering this morning, much less an entire week! :)


Rebecca said...

love the smiles! kate's hair looks sooo cute. i just love her curls!! wow...jillian is starting to sit up?! amazing how fast they grow. i just love the tutus...i may be making some this weekend for my girls...only we'll be going for the saints (my hubby's 2nd fave team). :)

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Jillian!! How can that be you?? How can you be so big and have such skills already!?

What a doll!!

And really, those tu-tus and T-shirts are so awesome!

kt mac said...

what a fun week and cute little girls.

and wow I think Jillian has grown so since the last photo I saw of her!!

Also adore the tutu's and how great is it that you were able to sell some for your trip. So happy for you.
not long now!!

Cottage Mommy said...

Love the tutus! And the little Jilly tutu....sigh, too, too cute! Can't wait to meet you in just four weeks!

Nancy M. said...

Great smiles! Kate's hair looks good! I love all three of them in their tutus! So precious!

Jamie said...

those tutus are amazing!

Rebecca said...

well, i've never been to chick-fil-a and have wanted to try it...i could be up for it if you are. it would be so sad to move so far away again and still not meet up with you!

Carrie said...

Cuuuuuuuuute. All of it!
Love the tutus!!!