Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{follow me}

Jesus says we should follow Him...which immediately makes me think of footprints for some reason. it is Ff week...just perfect for following and for footsteps. we had some extra friends here this morning as i watched a friends three little boys. i decided to go big and break out the paint...after all, it would either be LOTS of fun or LOTS of mess...a good story for later either way!

i let each kiddo (except jilly who was napping...but we might still have to do hers later!) take a turn. he or she picked their paint color, and i painted the bottom of their foot. they made a footprint on the paper (or more than one footprint--until we could get a good one)...then i wiped the foot clean with a wet towel...and voila...onto the next kiddo.

while the footprints dried we enjoyed the spectacularly sunny Spring weather...running (quite literally running!) around in the backyard. (and sliding and swinging and duck, duck goosing--which is truly hilarious when a 1 year old and 2 year old want to play but totally don't "get it"--just envision lots of aimless running in the backyard!)

then we cut out the feet (actually I cut out the feet...i may be crazy enough to break open paint with six kiddos under foot, but i'm not crazy enough to give those kiddos scissors while i can't watch carefully! :) each kiddo glued his or her foot onto a paper plate, wrote his or her name and the date (or, in most cases, i wrote it), and then we punched holes, tied some yarn on, and voila...a homemade "foot" craft.

(and don't you love that elizabeth is displaying her foot on her foot...and kate is trying desperately to follow suit...can you see her putting her plate on her foot...she just wouldn't cooperate for the pic!)

we did talk about Jesus and following in His footsteps while working on the craft...but, honestly, in the confusion of so many little bodies i'm not sure how much it sunk in. :)

and i just have to share...i think this is such a "boy girl" picture...elizabeth chattering away to he listens and listens and tries to talk, and then listens and listens some more... :)


Leslie said...

this is so so darn sweet. your such a fun awesome mommy!

Rebecca said...

so great! what a fun morning!

Nancy M. said...

That is so fun! What a great idea!

diashermosos said...

What a sweet little project! I agree, you are one amazing mommy:) And thanks for the kind words, I knew you would understand.

Holly said...

I am just now catching up on your bloggings as of late . . . thank you for including my little ones - not only in your notes and pictures, but also in your routines! You are an amazing mama and dear friend from whom I have much to learn! :)