Monday, March 15, 2010

take two....

i try to hit aldi once or twice a month to stock up on staples. i usually go during the weekend and take just kate or just elizabeth with me...a special outing of sorts. honestly, i don't like to do the grocery with all three...and thanks to my generous husband, i don't have to very often. but today i needed to hit aldi...and it meant taking all three girls. on of our aldi traditions is that whichever girl is with me gets the quarter when we put our cart would think it is a million dollars...that is just how special that quarter is. so today's dilemma on the way to aldi was who would get the quarter. i prepped the girls in advance...kate would sit in the seat next to the quarter "thingy" (because, yes, sitting next to that quarter slot is quite coveted), jillian would be in the pumpkin seat next to kate (oh how thankful i am for double carts...just wish places other than aldi and costco would catch on!), and elizabeth would walk with me...keeping one hand on the cart at all times and NOT touching things (because, seriously, aldi is soooo much more tempting than other stores for some reason!). elizabeth is usually good about walking alongside carts, sticking with me, and not touching...she is used to it since both girls can't seem to happily ride together in the car carts (ugh...don't start me on car carts!).

but i digress. i decided to break out two quarters...and told the girls in advance that there would be two quarters when we returned the cart this time. i reminded them, however, that if they were not able to listen and obey the first time (or if anyone chucked a wobbly (ha...just had to throw it in there, seabrook girls!) i would be keeping the quartersthe girls did a great job during the shopping trip. elizabeth carried my list and talked to me about the numbers on the pricetags. kate kept her eye on the coveted quarter. and jillian...well, she chewed and smiled and chewed and smiled. until we got back to the van and kate refused climb into her while elizabeth happily pocketed her quarter, kate tearfully missed out.

when we stopped at jo-ann to find fabric so i can make the girls matching Easter dresses i decided to give kate a "take two" on getting her quarter. we tromped through jo-ann happily and successfully in spite of their tiny carts, close temptation filled aisles (i mean who doesn't want to reach out and grab all the brightly colored fabrics!), and an impromptu potty stop for kate (HOORAY!). when we got back to the van kate jumped right into her seat, buckled herself in, and proudly proclaimed, "i did it this time. i obeyed mommy!" i pulled the quarter out of my pocket, and with it came two pennies. so i gave kate a quarter or two pennies. without thinking she grabbed for the two pennies, "i take two mommy!"

apparently i can save myself a few cents if i always keep some pennies around on aldi day...because, after all, two is more than one...and to a two and a half year old that is all that matters!

elizabeth on the other hand held on tightly to her quarter...because, after all, its "bigger" than a penny, and, as she said, "i think it buys more later." smart girl.

have i mentioned that one of the two is a definite saver and the other a definite spender? any guesses as to who is who?


Little Candle said...

Oh how I loved reading that...made me smile and imagine my own trompings through grocery stores with my little ones. We did that last night. I always love the day after shopping day...a stocked fridge and pantry make me happy. Thank you for your words of encouragement! Love you too!

Shelley Fuge said...

That was the most precious blog post I've read in a long time. Precious, precious, precious. You are such a good mommy. And BRAVE for taking all three into Jo-Ann's. Wow, is all I have to say. I can barely do it with two (even though I do it all the time).

Rebecca said...

such a precious story. taking all 3 girls shopping is definitely a chore! sounds like it went very well for you, all in all!