Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i'm sitting. finally. today has been a whirlwind. my time in the Word this morning was in John 6....with Jesus feeding the five thousand. oh how my heart was encouraged and stretched. i was also reminded of a blog post by one of my real life friends who i admire. lately i feel like i've had a lot of "loaves and fish" kind of days...days where meeting the needs of my family, keeping up with daily tasks, having energy left by the time mike gets home...simply doing the day to day feels like an overwhelming task. as i thought about the day--the things around the house that needed to be finished before my trip, the packing, the desire to simply spend some quality time with my girls, and on and on i wasn't sure how it would all be finished. and then i read that passage, and i was reminded of the truth that Jesus has the ability to multiply my energy, my time, my resources if only i look to Him first...if only i keep my eyes on Him...if only i don't look outside of Him or try to "do" my day in my own strength. isn't He so incredibly good to us.

monday we had jilly's 6 month well check. just to get the stats in the "record book"....she weighed in at 17 lbs even (the 75 percentile) and 28 1/4 inch long (WAY off the chart!). the poor sweetheart has had a rough couple of days...a runny nose and more fussing than usual (although still LOTS of smiles even in the midst of that). i am praying she is back to herself and less "needy" as we get ready to hop on the plane friday morning!

kate has also been fighting a tummy bug of some sort off and on since saturday...yuck! i'm also praying she (and daddy) are feeling 100% before jilly and i take off. i know mike has some special plans for his time with the big girlies this weekend, and they are actually quite excited for mommy to leave on her trip...i'm sure they will miss me once i am gone, but at this point i think they are just excited about the promise of visiting chick-fil-a while mommy is gone. (don't you love how easy 2 and 4 year olds are to please!?).


Leslie said...

love this.
love your heart..
love this word picture of the Lord being abundant...

wow what a circus it takes to get us all there.. huh

Rebecca said...

what a great passage of scripture.
praying jillian is feeling good for your travels!
sounds like the big girls are going to have a great time with daddy!

Jamie said...

Warm weather is right around the corner! Hang in there!