Thursday, April 29, 2010

{eight months}

seriously, could this little booger get any cuter? she was eight months saturday.

i'm falling more and more in love with her each and every day.

she, for the most part, seems to just be falling in love with cheerios....well, and us too.

she has been army-crawling for about a month now....dragging herself quite rapidly wherever she wants to go. it used to be she mostly followed me...sometimes with a puppy dog whimper if i was in the middle of something with one of the other girls and couldn't pick her up....but recently she has a huge interest in following her sisters...trailing along after them, putting whatever they are playing with in her mouth, grinning and laughing like crazy (making my heart melt, quite honestly).

she has the funniest belly laugh...and loves to giggle and smile. she is such an amazing treasure. and, oh, those blue eyes...oh my! little girl, you arrived and lit up our world...and i seriously can barely remember what life was like before you.


Rebecca said...

wow...time sure is flying!! libbs is turning 4 on saturday...i can hardly believe it! jillian is adorable...her smile is infectious!

Nancy M. said...

It's hard to believe it's been that long since you had her! She's precious!