Thursday, April 29, 2010


i cannot believe the progress we've made in the past week and a half. when we were driving home from IKEA, van stuffed to the gills with brown boxes, i was thinking our next date night (which is tonight!) would be spent assembling and organizing, etc. don't get me wrong...we are far from "finished", but we are well on our way...much further along than i had ever hoped to be....and we won't be spending a second of our date night on home projects...nope, instead we'll be eating sushi and partaking in an early celebration of my birthday.

the "office" corner computer desk, desk chair, printer stand and bookshelves (and yellow walls!)...there will be doors on the bottom of the other wide cabinet, we just ended up with two different sets of doors (oops!...but a good excuse to go we had some sizing miscalculations on curtains). excuse the mess of tools on the shelves...obviously we aren't done with the organizing phase (and two certain girlies seem to have commandeered it temporarily!), and i think i'll be buying a few more of the orange boxes and magazine files. and take note of the striped lamp on top of the desk...i picked that for the splash of color, and i {heart} it.

and then, onto our bedroom...which came together just as i was envisioning in IKEA. it is almost finished...aside from going through some piles and figuring out a few more things.

new duvet cover, throws, and pillows (headboard my dad built us as a wedding gift)...and, yes, i know we need to move the candle wall decor over to be centered over the bed since we shifted it over

new chair and side table (and flowers for the side table)...for newly created sitting area

armoire my dad built for me way back when...isn't it gorgeous

new lighter curtains....this is the view from the bathroom...i enjoy that it is so "clean" and fresh...very relaxing and serene...just exactly what i wanted!

next project is the kitchen (and finishing the painting process...finishing with the yellow and then painting the front room a blue-ish). the kitchen projects include painting our cabinets white, installing the butcher block countertops we purchased at IKEA, and creating a peninsula at the end of our existing more pics to come eventually!


Crystal said...

Wow! You have been busy and everything looks great! I love your bedroom! It is so very calming. :) Enjoy your date night!

Fairlightday said...

Oh my goodness! You guys have been so busy! I thought it was just the office area, but your bedroom and kitchen too?? Wow! It's all looking very nice so far. Can't wait to see your kitchen too. :)

Jamie said...

look at you, getting all organized :) Looks great!

Rebecca said...

wow..everything looks fantastic! the office is nice and cheery...your bedroom looks so relaxing...very nice! have a fun date night!

Nancy M. said...

IKEA seems like a really cool place!

Everything is looking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome Amanda! It must be so fun to come home to :-)

kt mac said...

love these rooms Amanda. They look great - especially the new reading corner in your bedroom - so peaceful and lovely :)