Saturday, April 10, 2010


a couple of our favorite people came to visit wednesday. (and they were the perfect visitors for "Gg" week)

grandmommy and her grandgirlies

i think they were most eager to see this little girlie...who has changed oh so much since they last laid eyes on her....

we giggled and colored and ate lunch and played games...lots of games...mostly the preschool kind. :)

this might have been one of my favorite moments...grandmommy, GG, and the girlies fishing. oh, if only you could have heard the giggles and gales of laughter...and, i must say, elizabeth was definitely the most skilled fisherlady of the group...she would make her poppy proud. this is the best proof i have that GG was with us for the fun...i think the pics of GG and the girls are on my mama's camera.

but we were quite happy about their visit...see!

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