Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i'm sooo behind on blogging....but here goes! a couple week ago elizabeth and kate enjoyed a week of preschool day camp. miss charlotte, the sr. high youth pastor at my church's wife, who i also know from MOPS, happens to be incredibly gifted with preschoolers (and she loves 'em too!). every year she hosts two summer camps out of her house...princess camp (next year for my girls) and preschool camp. it was a fabulous week for the girls. they enjoyed every minute of it, and i did too...as i was able to not only finish painting the kitchen but also spend some downtime and some time with friends and with just my jilly-girl!

here are a couple excerpts (okay...just one...for some reason the second video refuses to upload at the moment!) from their camp "program" at the end of the week. they learned about the fruits of the Spirit all week long. crack me up that elizabeth was really into keeping EVERYTHING a huge secret until the day of the program....and every time kate tried to tell me about something they did, elizabeth would remind her quite adamantly, "no kate...it's a SURPRISE!"

jilly was a trooper. since miss charlottle lives almost a half an hour away from us she spent A LOT of time in her carseat...but happily. she is such a pumpkin. (she also cooperated with nice LONG naps while i painted--which is typical for her, but still, very nice!)

i think the highlight of her week was getting to go on a date with daddy and mommy on friday before the camp program. she was thrilled to have our undivided attention...

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Nikki said...

Jilly-boo is getting so big! She looks so different with hair--what a big girl!