Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ten smile tuesday

tuesday again. here are some smiles from the past week! i would share some smiles from wednesday and thursday, but seriously (and i am being dead serious!), i can't remember wednesday and thursday....at all. so anyway...i'm sure we enjoyed something those days...just don't have any clue what!

1-3. friday we had a fabulous day...at least 3 smiles wrapped up in, but in reality about a million! since daddy works halfdays on fridays, the girls and i spent the morning making cow costumes. then when mike got home at lunchtime we all headed to the pizza hut lunch buffet to support a fundraiser for his co-worker's daughter. then we dropped jilly off to hang with friends while mommy and daddy took libbers and katers to see their first ever movie in the theater....toy story 3. we had free tickets from promos, which was awesome...and we splurged on a large popcorn to split....a large popcorn that kate ate over half of single-handedly! the girls enjoyed the movie and their new "jessie" dolls i picked up for almost free with awesome kellogg coupons. after the movie we picked up jilly, headed home for a grand total of maybe 20 minutes, dressed in our "cow"stumes and headed to chick-fil-a for customer appreciation night....free meals for the entire family! :) what a whirlwind of a day!

*trying* to get the girls to smile and show me their jessie dolls...this is the best i could get!

love my husband...what a good sport to dress like a cow...love our little calf too. mike did wear the ears too...just long enough to get the food for free and get it to our table! :)

"moo"lizabeth....and proof that i was there as well....see my white spot...i too wore ears just long enough to score the free food and sit down at the table! :)

and kater cow...the full costume was hot...so it didn't last long either!

this video is dedicated to aunt shell, but i suppose you all can enjoy it as well! :)

4. spending some quality time with my libber girl saturday morning...incidentally we went to walk around and browse some neighborhood garage sales....and managed to score this chicco clip-on chair, something we had been wanting to purchase but weren't willing to pay full price for! :) jilly loves it!

5. incidentally, jilly loves food too. seriously, this girlie can eat (and eat and eat and eat)...anything and everything you put in front of her. her lack of pickiness (at least so far!) is a blessing...as it is one less dinner table battle!

6. oh wait...i remembered a snippet from wednesday! :) i had the blessing of meeting my sweet, dear friend jill for dinner (as in dinner...just us...not at chick-fil-a...no little ones interrupting (don't get me wrong, we love those littles...but they sure do make it hard to have a coherent conversation sometimes!)...and then, as if that wasn't enough, enjoying a dessert and fellowship time with the discussion group leaders for our MOPS group next year. so excited to be leading the DGLs next year...and eager to see what God has in store for our MOPS year!

7. the delicious aroma of chicken chimi filling...i am working on restocking our freezer a little bit at a time. today's task is chicken chimis....lots of them...and the filling smells amazing! on the docket for tomorrow and thursday, pigs in a blanket, mini strombolis, and blueberry waffles.

8. garden fresh veggies...zuchinni fries, sauteed zuchinni with parmesan, zuchinni bread (are you seeing a trend!)...still dreaming of andi mae's zuchinni muffins! we also have enjoyed tasty green beans, cucumbers and sugar snap peas, and we have at least 10 green peppers on our pepper plants...and i am eagerly waiting for the plethora of green tomatoes on our tomato plants to turn red! as soon as that happens we'll be eating a margherita pizza with the tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden! :) we have little butternut squashes coming out our ears...can wait to harvest those eventually and have a freezer full of butternut squash!

9. my three girls playing together. lately the girls have been playing "together" (as together as you can when one child is 10 months old!) more and more. elizabeth and kate are definitely growing in their friendship and making up crazy games and scenarios...and jilly, well, she is always right there with them. kate loves to "help" jilly...help her play, help her walk, help her bathe, help her eat....help, help, help...sometimes i'm not sure jilly appreciates the help, but she mostly tolerates it! :)

10. a last minute trip to the zoo this morning with sweet friends...thanks for the invite kim! :) i also clinched my "mother of the day" title by stopping by sonic on the way home for happy hour and letting the girls each get their OWN small watermelon slushie....sometimes it is the little things in life. and even though you don't actually SEE any animals in the pictures below, i promise, we did see at least a few animals at the zoo...but lets be honest, my kids are as excited about the zoo playground as they are about the animals some days!

love that the three girls decided of their own accord to all hold hands (ellie, in the middle, is one of elizabeth's favorite EVER friends...so it was especially thrilling to hang out with her this morning)

the kids on a rock...well, 6/8 of the kids...breanna and jilly were in their strollers...kate was SO eager to get on the rock with the big kiddos, but once standing there she wasn't so sure!

...and while i mentioned that ellie is elizabeth's favorite friend...ironically enough kate might just have enjoyed ellie the most today! they held hands on the playground, giggled, laughed, and slid down the slide together over and over. ellie definitely brought out the best in kate...and even though kate just might be "bigger" in size than ellie (who is a year and a half older than kate), i think ellie liked having someone "smaller" to play mommy too!

and here is libbers...she had just as much fun...but in true elizabeth fashion, she mostly wanted to do her own thing. love the bravery though...yesterday i could barely talk her into sliding down our little backyard playset slide headfirst on her tummy, today she repeatedly zoomed down the twirly slide in that fashion!

*and a bonus 11th smile! i have been wearing my hair au naturel...my stylist showed me how to tame the natural curl, and i am enjoying sporting the curls...much easier in the mornings and kind of a fun, easy style! this is by no means the best picture ever...but here i am!


Crystal said...

Great Smiles, Amanda, and I am LOVING the hair! I can't believe how big they are all getting. You have such a sweet family.

Wendi@Every Day Miracles said...

Such good times. Isn't summer the best?! I love it.
And really - I LOVE your hair curly!!

Rebecca said...

lovely smiles! cute "cow"stumes. cute girls. fun days you've had. your hair looks great...i really like the curls! you're beautiful!

Nikki said...

LOVE the cow-stumes! I've never been to Chick-Fil-A, but all this talk about it from you and Leslie lately makes me both curious and hungry! Your hair looks great by the way, isn't curly so much easier to deal with?

Jamie said...

I adore your curls!

Little Candle said...

I was love both pics of you! You should go with the curl all the time! I too have naturally curly/wavy hair...you have inspired me to try wearing it natural more often! Hope you are well!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So much fun! And jealous of your stocked freezer...I need to start working on that before this little one arrives. :)

LOVE the hair, Amanda! I've been letting mine go curly more frequently too...how do you fix yours...what did your stylist recommend?