Wednesday, July 28, 2010


early morning was the perfect time to spend some time with this three year old.

isn't she a treasure. i sure think so...especially with her sleepyhead hair, cow jammies, and trusty blankie.

we spent a half an hour this morning getting our toesies covered in grass clippings (since i finally mowed our jungle yesterday!) while tending to our garden. she loves to run around the garden oohing and aahing over all the veggies hanging on the vines grow, grow, growing...especially the butternut squash (which we have LOTS of...just waiting for the fall!)

wanna see our bounty?

yum! four tomatoes (with lots more still hanging on the vines ALMOST red enough!--and, oh my, miss kate really wanted to pick every last one of them), a zuchinni (to add to our collection...though most of them have already found the freezer), two cucumbers, lots of okra, four green peppers, and some green beans. (all laid out on one very special seabrook tea towel!)


Leslie said...

beautiful. love this, it looks so so yummy

Little Candle said...

Oh, I long for a garden! It looks like yours is delivering the goods!